June 12, 2011

We need to talk...



I’m having tons of fun teaching group fitness. I’ve been at it since early February, and it couldn’t suit me better. I’ve even had the chance to create my own classes from scratch, so I now teach Hip Hop and Boot Camp in addition to Zumba.


My good friend Kara Fox is a really talented photographer and came to my last Hip Hop class to take some shots of us in action, so I thought I’d share a few here.


Needless to say, fitness has somewhat taken the place of food in terms of what occupies my mind and therefore what I have to blog about. Don’t get me wrong—I think about food a LOT and consume astounding quantities on a daily basis. However, whereas this time last year I was always thinking about creative cooking and enjoying the whole culinary process, I now simply feed myself. Cooking time is limited now that I both work full-time and teach during the remainder, so for the most part, I turn to quick, reliable dishes that come together easily and with ingredients I always have around. Translation: I eat a hell of a lot of zucchini stuff.


I have a lot of guilt where this blog is concerned. I desperately want to avoid it looking like dead air, so to speak, but my eats are not likely to inspire anyone these days, so the likelihood of this remaining a food blog is low. I wish I could go back to the days of posting 5 times a week, but the reality is that this blog was serving a different purpose for me back then, and I no longer have that need to satisfy. So it is that the blog will have to evolve along with me.


It makes me cringe, but I’m thinking a more realistic goal will be posting once a month. I don’t think I’m breaking any hearts here except my own, though, so a lower expectation on my part is best for now, as far as the blog is concerned.

Indeed, the best way for me to share what I’ve been up to is to show you! I would love to see any New Yorkers in class sometime. You can attend any of my 3 formats at M Dance & Fitness. In fact, we are running a special discount right now: 3 classes for $25! This deal is only available through June 15, so if you’d like to take advantage, click here to sign up. Plus, starting in July, I’ll be teaching 7 times a week for MDF (as opposed to the current 2; I teach Zumba elsewhere at other times).

…And that’s all I’ve got for now. Until next time!


Ashley said...

I'm so proud of you for this post. You know, things evolve and change in our lives and we can never forsee the future. I'd love to read about your fitness adventures anytime you have a chance. :) Now if only I had any rhythm maybe I'd get my butt to M Fitness.

sophia said...

Diana, you've got better things to do than talk about salads on a blog! For example, looking absolutely stunning while kicking the asses of your students. I love all the pics...esp the second one. You're glowing, and I'm happy to see you doing what you love.

Your real life with real people should always be your top priority. The second life (blog) is just a supplement to it. :-)

Keep on rocking it for real, Diana!

Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga said...

Diana you are evolving in life, and therefore your blog is coming with you for the ride. GOOD! If it was the other way around that would be scary :)

I love the pics of you teaching...you look awesome!

Congrats on this new life you've carved out for yourself!

emily said...

You look too legit leading that class! And annoyingly pretty for someone mid-work out :D

I'll be back in a month; you need to do what works for you, I'm just glad you aren't quitting the blog all together.

Mama Pea said...

I don't care what you blog about. I'd read whatever you wrote...even if it is just how much you wonder if your new haircut looks like Justin Beiber's (your words not mine). You are so much hotter than he is.

healthy ashley said...

So happy for you!

Katie said...

Ow ow! You look HOT, lady! And your class seems really fun. I've started to do some dance classes (at home, in the privacy of my bedroom with exercise TV) so I'm almost ready to shake my groove thang in public!

Shannon said...

LOVE those pics :) and so glad you've found a(nother) passion!!

Olga @ Healthing It said...

These pictures look amazing and I'm definitely going to try to make it to your classes!

Lindsay (Happy Herbivore) said...

I'm totally going to come take some of your classes when im home in NYC in July! cant wait! you are GLOWING girl!

Samantha said...

Found your blog by way of Mama Pea who suggested it when she found out we're headed to Japan for a 2 year tour in a few short weeks. Your classes look like FUN, I miss doing zumba! Can't wait to read more, as I'm flexitarian too and always looking for healthy meal ideas.

Alyse @ Fit Approach said...

You look incredible! So glowy and happy looking (and it looks like your students are getting a great workout!) You should keep blogging about whatever inspires you, at whatever cadence you can handle without stress!

May - So Very Domestic said...

Part of what's so great about life is the way that it changes. I loved reading about your food and I look forward to reading about fitness!

Elina (Healthy and Sane) said...

Yay, so glad you're doing well. Maybe I'll be able to attend one of your classes next time I'm in NYC!! :)

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