May 28, 2011

Bloggy Style: Meetings to Remember

Last weekend, I got to share a really special dinner with nine other NYC bloggers. Though I wish we weren’t gathering for this particular reason—Gena’s departure from New York (as I write this, in fact)—it was a wonderful occasion to rub shoulders with some of my favorite New Yorkers and enjoy a meal put on by Verite Catering.


Raw gazpacho in a cucumber cup with dehydrated beet chip

There were some familiar faces…


(Pictured: Melissa and Gena; Unpictured: Danielle, Katie, and Dori)

…as well as several people I was delighted to meet for the first time.


(Pictured: Sofia, Leslie and Kathleen; Unpictured: Ada)

We were treated to a gorgeous set of five courses…


Mushroom and sweet potato soup—my favorite of the five! Well, until dessert…


Green salad with spiced sunflower seeds


Half-eaten risotto tart with basil and yellow pepper sauce
(I got so excited that I committed the usual blogger faux-pas of digging in pre-picture!)


Pictured: mango sorbet and coconut mini-cupcake; Unpictured: me on the floor, swooning

I think I am the Godfather of coconut. And by that I mean I doubt I could refuse any request on a day involving coconut treats. Do with that what you will.

While I am loathe to let D.C. have Gena, I’ve no doubt that there are some pretty major things in store for her, and for that I am willing to let her go. Temporarily. During which time I may show up at her apartment unannounced.


Gena toasts Melissa, who I (we?) consider the blog fairy godmother, as she both inspired Gena to start blogging and organized the first blogger meet-up I ever attended.
I’m so glad to know these ladies

All in all, it was such a nice time, and all credit due to Gena and Verite Catering for pulling it off seamlessly.

Dinner kept me out late enough that I’d lost my oomph for blogging last Sunday, so add that to my mile-long list of blogger-don’ts. I don’t like to skip a week unannounced because I am nothing if not consistent, but maybe just this once it’s worth it for the sake of an extra-awesome post, if only for the following photo:


It made me so hap-pea to spend some QT with Sarah after many, many moons of fandom on my part. She was in town for Book Expo America because, in case you didn’t know (as if!), her book drops July 26. (Sarah, can I refer to a book “dropping,” like a single? Whatever, I’m keeping it. Flava Flaaaaaaaaaaaaav!) My piggy bank’s a’rattlin’ with my savings for said book. I wonder if there’s enough in there to fly her out again so she can sign it…?

Our feast of choice occurred at Bonobos.


Necessary accompaniments include the legendary Coconut Chai and fresh Thai Coconut Water. I might start writing off coconut products, what with coconut water being nature’s Gatorade and all. No one wants a dehydrated Zumba teacher, right? Right. Pardon me while I add a “Coconut Chai” column to my budget spreadsheet.



This is how you make a salad stick to your ribs, by the way (and keep it raw, vegan and gluten-free, if those are a factors for you). A bed of greens dressed in their amazing sweet basil dressing, topped with a mixture of walnut pate, zucchini, carrots, sprouts, purple cabbage and red pepper.

This is also how you stay regular. I’m just sayin’!

Again, all in all, Sarah is a wonder to behold and I couldn’t ask for a nicer time. It doesn’t get much better than Pea and poop.

If you’ve ever attended a blogger meet-up, who did you meet and what made it memorable?


Averie said...

Glad you had such an awesome round of blogger meetups and had a blast.

I know how close you and Gena have become and I bet it's a little sad that you two wont have as many coffee clutches, or green juice clutches, but hopefully youll still see each other soon!

I have had TONS of blogger meetups. In fact, I just had one down here in Aruba. A reader/blogger realized she was going to be down here overlapping part of my trip and we met up last week!

And I've probably had at least 25 other blogger meetups plus meeting ppl at FoodBuzz so yep, meetups ARE a huge reason why I blog! I'd rather meet than type :)

Mama Pea said...

You are too sweet. I wish I would have taken pictures of our meetup. I was just so fried after my trek from Times Square. Guess what I tried to replicate today? Yes, liquid crack.

I wish I would have had another four hours to chat with are fascinating! I was telling your life history to Pea Daddy today :)

I can't wait to come out again and maybe take one of your Zumba classes (yeah, that last part ain't never gonna happen).

sophia said...

I've certainly had many many memorable blogger meet-ups! I still feel like the one we had was way. too. short. I shall be knocking on your door the next time I visit.

I could tell how close you were to Gena when we met. I loved that Gena called you, "My Dove!" Hee hee. That was sweet and it strangely touched my heart.

P.S. Another Sophia?! what?!

sofia said...

what a lovely recap! it was great to meet you and i hope to get to know you better at future bloggie events. or maybe i'll have to hit up zumba one of these days. warning: i can't dance. me trying to dance leads to facial expressions such as the one you caught pictured above. oy.

Diana said...

@Sofia - sorry about that! Maybe not your favorite picture of yourself, but anyway you should still try Zumba. :)

Diana said...

@Sofia - sorry about that! Maybe not your favorite picture of yourself, but anyway you should still try Zumba. :)

Gena said...

I will miss you so dearly, D-Dove, but I refuse to be sad, because now that I'm here, I simply think about the next visit! Wonderful and touching post.

Heather said...

I haven't had a chance to do any blogger meet-ups. However, I do love coconut water. I usually drink some every day.

Pure2raw twins said...

Yay for blogger meet-ups. Sad to see Gena leave NYC but I think her next step in your journey will be a great one! Gena is a great person and so glad that I can call her a friend! I have been luckily enough to have a few really good blogger meet-ups! They can be scary at first but than once you meet everyone you can relax and have a good time :)

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