January 30, 2011

Teaching Schedule, French Fries

If this post’s title sounds odd, it’s because I feel odd. Somefluthing has hit me like a ton of bricks and I’ve been out of commission for about 3 days now. And it has not, NOT been pretty.

That said, I think I’ve got it under control (yes, I control the flu) and I do intend to start teaching this week as planned, so for any interested New York City locals, here it is:


  • Zumba @ 6:45pm
  • Cardio Sculpt @ 8:00pm



  • Zumba @ 3:15pm
  • Boot Camp @ 4:15pm

Location: Devi in Park Slope, Brooklyn (looks like the website is not yet updated with the above schedule)

Starting February 12 I will also be teaching the Saturday morning Zumba class (9:00am) for M Dance & Fitness at the Upper West Side location.

As far as food goes, I can’t say eating has been my friend this weekend. In fact, it has turned me completely inside out and ripped me apart, not to get into any gory details or anything…

Early last week I did pick up a free bag of frozen fries, courtesy of Alexia Foods and the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, so by the time I did actually get hungry last night, I was glad I had them on hand.


If you aren’t allowed to have an entire dinner of french fries and ketchup when you’re sick, I don’t know when you are. Totally hit the spot.


They weren’t as salty & peppery as their name suggested, so I had to supplement a bit myself, but otherwise tasty, non-greasy and delightfully basic. Just what the doctor ordered.


Or not. I was then up half the night in crippling pain (for the 3rd night in a row), but it’s pretty safe to say it was not the fries’ fault! Just to be safe, though, I’ve eaten strictly BRAT ever since, and it is definitely working.

What are your go-to sick day foods?


sophia said...

Isn't it snowing like MAD over there? My mom got caught driving in a snow storm and my dad had to rush over like a knight in shining armor. No wonder you are sick!!! I hope you feel better though.

I made curried carrot soup today. I would love to feed you some. :-)

Colleen said...

You would eat that when you're sick? ;) I would probably reach for crackers if I was really hungry

Anonymous said...

When I'm sick, ice cream gets forcefully dragged into and locked in my freezer. Until I'm ready to devour it.

Then I realized I could also make damn good ice cream in my Vitamix, so store-bought ice cream was spared my Lifetime movie-esque attacks.

Glad you're ok!

I had a bit of a silly question. I was interested in taking a zumba class at my gym...but every time I've tried a dance class, my lack of dancing ability makes me fall behind and I get pissy. Any tips for keeping up and having fun?

Gena said...

Toast or rice cakes with avocad are always my sicky go tos!

And I hope that, at some point when it's a non-DC wkd, I can go to the Saturday AM Zumba. Alas, all other times coincide with class. Boo.