October 28, 2010

Freestyle: October 28

Linky love, freestyle:

  • Pumpkin-apple spice cake with coconut-cream cheese frosting, aka Half-Birthday Cake. See previous post. It’s worth it. Not sure I can wait until October 20, 2011 to make it again.
  • OK Go, “White Knuckles.” A friend sent me this OK Go video the other day when I was stressed out, and it totally made me smile. Mission accomplished. Check it out, especially if you are a fur baby lover.
  • HEAB’s (well, CD’s) Almond Butter Chili: crockpot-approved. I had a dance class tonight so I threw all the ingredients in the slow cooker, set it on high, and two hours later I was home and dinner was ready. It doesn’t get easier. Or deliciouser.
  • Team Ra-Ras Kicks Breast Cancer: Very cute video of 136 cheerleaders dancing to raise breast cancer awareness. BONUS! United Healthcare is donating 10 cents for every view the video gets, so clicky clicky clicky!

Happy Halloween, y’all. Seeya later this weekend!


Erica said...

Isn't chili with nut butter so good? I'm obsessed already! Good luck with the training- whoop !

Anonymous said...

Haha, meat dishes taste so good with nut butter! I can't believe people get so grossed out at the concept. And that cake looks omfg amazing.

Pure2raw twins said...

haha what a great video..got me laughing ; )

have a great weekend!!