October 22, 2010

Freestyle: October 21

Greetings! I’m checking in with this week’s freestyle nuggets o’fun. And a lot of fun it was—my half-birthday was yesterday! I celebrated by working 9-5. Actually, I went out to dinner with my bestie as well, but that was unrelated. I did, however, come home and improvise my way to a half-cake, which I baked at 10pm. I know.


I’m just enjoying my first bites right now since I couldn’t frost it until it cooled, aka a day later, and dang. It’s actually kind of amazing. The 0.5 part of 27.5 obviously makes a big difference where cake-baking is concerned. I’ll post the recipe soon. It involves coconut-cream cheese frosting. I know.

But seriously, folks, some links:

  • Willow (yes, WillOW) Smith’s new single, Whip My Hair. I’ll just say it—I love this song. And the video. (That’ll be the 7.5 part of 27.5 talking.)
  • HEAB’s Coconut Curry Rice. I “made” this in my new rice cooker for dinner tonight and like the half-assed cake, it tasted WAY better than it deserved to. I’ll post my adapted version of that soon as well, along with a review of the rice cooker itself.


  • Butternut Squash-Goat Cheese Lasagna. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t link to my own post, but as I make my way through the leftovers, I’m realizing that this is probably the one thing I’ve ever made that’s actually restaurant quality, so it bears re-posting. Put it on your bucket list.
  • Have you decided what to be for Halloween? Perhaps I could interest you in a slutty Cookie Monster costume, or even slutty wookie…eeeeee (I can never remember how many e’s are in that word)? I can’t even describe how ludicrous that costume looks, but hey, any excuse to dress as a slutty-anything, I guess.

As for myself, I’m kind of a party pooper where dressing up for Halloween is concerned. My interest in costumes expired when the flow of candy stopped. I do have a plan, though. I’m not going to dress up, but if anyone asks, I’m Alice Cullen.

Meh. Close enough.

Do you plan to dress up for Halloween?


Olga @ Healthing It said...

1. I'm reading your blog instead of working. Helloooo Friday.

2. I see you pulling off that costume, I actually really like it.

3. I think I'm going to be Helga from Hey Arnold! for Halloween. This requires purchasing a gross white turtleneck at a thrift store and somehow finding a pink dress to go on top of it but I'm sure it's somewhere out there.

P.S. Read a fabulous review of Lot 2 in New York mag earlier, really looking forward to it!

Krista said...

Coconut cream cheese frosting? Yes please! You look eerily similar to Alice Cullen....in a good way!!!

Diana said...


At least she makes me look tan! No easy feat. :)

Danielle said...

Ha cute you made yourself a half cake! That's a good idea. I don't think I'll be celebrating halloween this year, but you should be Alice cullen. It'd be an easy costume(:

Shannon said...

umm, you could totally pull that off! i am not a huge fan of costumes either... such a party pooper, i know. but that cake? and frostin? i want. yum!!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

love that you celebrated your half bday..i havent done that in 20 yrs, i may try that. mine's coming up in 6 weeks :)

heab's rice and your rice cooker. noted. i need to do both of those things! target trip this weekend i think.

dressing up...maybe but not sure...skylar will be of course tho!

elise said...

super early happy halloween...im not sure if im gonna dress up