August 9, 2010

Buns of Meal


Foodbuzz not-so-recently sent me some free samples of new products from Nature’s Pride, but clearly it has taken me a while to make good use of them. Thank God for freezers!

I shared the Country White hot dog and hamburger buns with my parents, so I’ll have to check in with them to see how they’ve enjoyed using this stuff. As for me, I’ve been slowly but surely making my way through the bag of 100% Whole Wheat hamburger buns. Actually, I think I’ve used them for just about everything but hamburgers.

For example:


Snobby Joes! I’m so late in trying this recipe, considering how popular and reliable it seems to be. My impression was right—this vegan take on Sloppy Joes comes together easily and the seasonings will definitely remind you of its bemeated cousin, if you’ve ever tasted the beef version, that is.


To round out the meal, I roasted up some brussels sprouts, broccoli and diced butternut squash (note to self: roast frozen butternut squash at your own risk, as it may or may not “squash” itself all over the other veggies). I also blended up a quick raw kale soup (water, kale, avocado, carrots, EVOO, lemon juice, Bragg’s…the usual suspects).


This is how food babies are made.

I ended up enjoying the leftover Snobby Joes open-faced on the buns for a higher filling to bread ratio. I highly recommend eating Snobby Joes this way, considering you’d probably be happy to eat the filling straight from the pot by the spoonful anyway!

The most recent use of my Nature’s Pride buns was far more spontaneous. I wanted a sandwich and my only criteria was that it involve bread. I’m easy to please.


I ended up spreading 1/4 avocado on one half of the (toasted) bun. Meanwhile, I broiled some sliced crimini mushrooms (spritzed with cooking spray and dusted with Adobo) for 5 minutes and layered those onto the sandwich along with a tahini drizzle and a touch of Sun In Bloom sauerkraut.


I’m a little obsessed with tahini these days…it’s just so rich and creamy and drizzle-able! I considered drizzling it directly onto my tongue but settled for a lick of the spoon.


I was a bit worried that this sandwich would suffer from the all-too-common bite ‘n’ splode effect, but it actually held together very well. I credit the tahini. :)

And on the side, a delightfully peppery salad:


Organic arugula topped with roasted brussels sprouts, artichoke hearts, pistachios and balsamic vinaigrette.

And tahini.


Not like it’s earth-shattering news, but clearly hamburger buns are useful for infinite vegetarian sandwich options, so I’ve really liked having these whole wheat buns around. I’m not a huge sandwich person, so having bread that is specially made just for sandwiches has challenged the flabby and underused sandwich portion of my brain. Many thanks to Nature’s Pride for helping me tone and tighten my sandwich muscle.

What goes in your favorite sandwich?


Olga said...

mmmmm....this post just made me REALLY hungry. Luckily, dinner is on the horizon :)

I love your uses of these things. I have been in a sandwich funk, time to revive that spark!

Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

"Snobby Joes" is a totally awesome name! ;-)

My fav sandwich is grilled "cheeze" with tomato and onion. Yum! But those sandwiches you made look good enough to give my fav a run for the money. :-)

katherine said...

Mmm sometimes there's really nothing better than a good sammy. I'll be honest, though, I like basic sandwiches like grilled cheese and PB&J. Though I did recently discover the meatless balls (HA!) at trader joes and have been dropping them into pitas with spicy hummus. It's kind of a sandwich right? :)

Mo Diva said...

Yes! I have a bag of lentils! i need to make snobby joes!

good use of the bread.

Im a [grilled] cheese girl. give me cheese and two slices of bread and im eating! LOL

Mama Pea said...

I hear you on that tahini, girl. I'm a drizzler too. Tahini + bbq sauce + almonds + plentiful veggies = heaven.

I'd make a meal out of your buns any day.

Nicole said...

I've been meaning to try Snobby Joe's for the past few weeks. I think this weekend it will have to be a mush!

JL Goes Vegan said...

I'm laughing so hard. Yep, I would have a food baby, too. I have not seen Snobby Joes (relative new kid on the block) so thanks for the link!

Gena said...

Artichokes. Why do I never cook with artichokes, Diana? I ought to.

sophia said...

I didn't know Nature's Pride had sandwich buns...I would have loved to try them. Now I feel cheated; I couldn't opt in because I was overseas. Hee.

Favorite sandwich? Don't really have one...I like them hot, with interesting new condiments, preferably lots of cheese. Oh, and throw an egg in there!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I have recently been in the mood for sloppy joes ever since someone posted a recipe for tempeh sloppy joes last week! Or should I say, SNOBBY Joe's?! hehe
I hear these 100% whole wheat buns are great. I wish they made them wheat free! I have yet to find a good wheat free bun.

Anonymous said...

Can I say EPIC? Those sloppy joes look awesome.

Lately, my favorite sandwiches always have avocado. But I'm not a big sammy girl. Except for BBQ sandwiches...that's different, teehee!

Ronnie said...

Oh Gosh...My mouth drips saliva for this hot bun!

Shannon said...

wow. i'm totally digging the avocado-mushroom sandwich!! must try :) i need to get a tomato sandwich goin now that it is the season!!

Erica said...

Thank goodness for freezers is right! I always buy bread when its buy 1 get 1 and freeze the extra. Snobby joes totally rock. Other than that- I love tomato and moz sandwiches and grilled veggies and goat cheese. yum yum. Hope you're having a jammin week

Dominique said...

My favourite sandwich right now is a combo of prosciutto, goat cheese and tons of fresh basil on a ciabatta bun. Mmmm...I think I'm having that for lunch.

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