January 17, 2010

Pictures lurking in my cell phone

I have been idly looking through the photos saved on my phone tonight and am rather amused by these snapshots in time, food-related and otherwise. Let’s take a break from food blogging-on-purpose, shall we? It’s overrated anyway. Humor me.

Here it appears we have a bowl of the usual yet random fabulosity from Whole Foods.

2009-10-25 11.37.03

Good stuff. Pretty standard food blogger fare, n’est ce pas?

Vegetarian bento box from Japanese take-out joint near my office:

2009-12-07 13.36.06

Tofu-stuffed veggies, brown rice, pickles, kabocha, green beans. Happy place.

Tempura soba from that same Japanese joint.

2009-11-18 17.21.52 (1)

Hmm. Possiblymaybedefinitely I really like this Japanese take-out restaurant…

…because the next picture is another veggie bento.

2009-10-30 13.36.52

On the rare occasions that I don’t bring leftovers to eat for lunch at work, I enjoy a treat from one of the many local eateries around my office. I’m lucky to have a large selection of healthier choices nearby, but apparently there is not a large selection of their evidence on my phone…

Ah, something different: oatmeal. With Cracker Jacks on top.

2009-12-26 09.20.49

Wait, that was from Christmas. I already showed you that. #$%^! For the love of all things holy, let the next picture not be a bento box.


2010-01-14 13.39.05

Like, what did I think I was going to do with pictures of all these bento boxes?! I mean, I’ve deleted pretty much everything else off my phone. If anyone were to look in my phone, they’d think I had a one-track mind. The one track being nonstop to bento land, I guess.

Isn’t there anything else in here?



2009-05-08 21.19.43

Wait, what?


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to try a bento box but have never had one!

Dori said...

Epcot??!! Hahaha what! You are too funny. You make me laugh.

Gina said...

mmm, delicious looking food, from photos captured throughout the year, fabulous! And then of course, there's EPCOT, I mean, what foodie doesn't have a picture of Epcot on their phone?!

Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

Too funny! You crack me up! Actually, I missed the cracker jack topping the first time around so I'm glad you posted it. ;-)

melonshots said...

im drooling over your bento boxes.
japanese food=pure joy

elise said...

i have many a WF hot bar pics in my phone too - haha.

i believe you work near where i do, so, pray tell, WHERE is this japanese place???

Anonymous said...

Now I know why you get so excited when your status say: Veggie Bento Box for lunch!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE bento boxes! almost got one last night!

Anonymous said...

your phone takes great pics! i love bento boxes :)

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Oh you stole my fave thing in the world: oatmeal. With Cracker Jacks on top.

Just kidding, but i do love caramel corn, vegan or not, it's great stuff!!

Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day (or less!) said...

so this would be amateur food porn? :)

katherine said...

Aaahahahaha enjoy bento boxes once in a while huh? ;-)

Gelareh said...

yummy lookign food.. I am now hungry and can't wait for lunch :)

Anonymous said...

Japanese food GALORE!
nom nom nommmmmmmmmmmm
Bento boxes are the SHIZZ! so so yummy, um....AND adorable!!!

Also think it is so neat that you put crackerjacks on yo oatmeal! BRILLIANTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

P.s. thanks for the tips on the anti-diarhea meds.....i just checked in with my pops and he says we are bringing LOTS. good call!


chrystad72 said...

haha Awesome pics. Especially all the bento boxes. They are so fun. Im liking the cracker jacks on the oatmeal! Sounds great=)

Gabriela said...

I've never had a real bento, but my mom bought me a bento lunchbox for Christmas...makes me want to give it a whirl!

Sophie @ yumventures said...

I love Japanese food, but I've never had a bento box! All of your pictures tell me I HAVE to try on in the near future :)

Anisha said...

Where is this Japanese bento place?? I need to visit it!

Diana said...

Anisha - it's called Ennju, on 17th between 5th and Union Square.

Gena said...

Epcot?!?! You just made me sort of miss Disney (you know I'm a fan, yes? We've discussed this?)