January 12, 2010

Brooklyn Supper Club: Sun in Bloom

New York City doesn’t lack for much, leastwise in the dining category. Still, when you’re not actually in the borough of Manhattan, your options (especially in the public transportation department!) diminish ever so slightly.

In Manhattan, a raw/vegan eater has more options than she could try in a year. Sadly, the same can’t be said of Brooklyn. No, I didn’t become a raw/vegan eater since you last visited this blog, but I do live in Brooklyn! I want all of Manhattan’s options on my home doorstep, not just at work. Brooklyn’s large size means it’s asking a bit much to have all the best (and most diverse) restaurants on my street, but I won’t begrudge the 15-minute subway ride I took tonight, because I was very excited to learn of Sun in Bloom’s opening. Brooklyn’s newest raw eatery!

Sarah and Vani joined me for dinner tonight, and we soon experienced a bit of deja vu—it was the very same restaurant where we had dinner just before Emily moved away! At the time, it was called Organic Heights, and I was less than impressed with my garden variety salad. (Pun intended, always.)

Clearly, the restaurant has come under new ownership (and cheffery), however, and happily so! All options are high-raw and organic. I chose the “Rockin’ Veggie” salad, though its contents could have been rolled up in collards or an Ezekiel wrap, had I preferred it that way.


It was described as a salad topped with various roasted veggies, live hummus and Sun in Bloom’s sauerkraut, tossed in a lemon vinaigrette.


Well, at least I got the hummus…


…which was completely delicious. I think it must have been a zucchini-tahini-nut combination of some sort. But yeah, the rest of the salad was simply raw vegetables—none of the roasted-ness or sauerkraut-edness promised by the menu.


Luckily, that’s exactly what I was craving, so I didn’t mind, but it’s clear that this restaurant has just opened and is still finding its “sea legs,” so to speak. Hopefully it survives long enough to do so! Check out the rest of their menu, which I received in a promotional email:

Breakfast Inspired All Day Delights

Heavenly Tofu Scramble

Daily aphrodisiac blend of vegetables and tofu with refreshing greens or grain of the day.

Energizing Macro A.M. Burrito

Beans of the day, brown rice, tofu scramble, fresh salsa with a kick and avocado slices.

Heart Warming Cereal

Warm cereal of the day with fresh seasonal fruit and a dribble of raw honey.

Irresistible Live Granola

A sweet and sour pick-me-up served with coconut kefir yogurt.

Guiltless Morning Treats

Sweet & savory muffin selections of the day.

Wraps, Sandwiches & Salads

All wraps served in your choice of lettuce, collard greens, Ezekiel wraps, on Ezekiel bread, Eric’s Live bread or on a bed of mesclun greens and a special taste of SIB’s revitalizing raw sauerkraut.

Divine Bella

Sesame-ginger marinated Portobello, avocado, caramelized onions with sprouts and mesclun dressed in SIB’s fresh live tahini dressing.

Rockin’ Veggie

Live hummus and roasted vegetables (bell peppers, zucchini, carrots) with a mix of sprouts, cucumber, cabbage and dressed in SIB’s fresh live tahini dressing and invigorating lemon vinaigrette.

“Full On” Southwestern Burrito

Zesty sunflower “meat” with fresh salsa, avocado slices, a mix of cabbage, zucchini and sprouts dressed in SIB’s famous live ranch dressing.

Sunshine Burger

SIB’s famously delicious live burger with cabbage, fresh tomatoes, caramelized onions with your choice of the Kitchen’s fresh dressings.


Sarah had the Southwestern Burrito, and I had a bite of the filling—amazing! It was startlingly similar to the flavor of typical taco meat fillings, which I grew up loving.

Sun in Bloom will be featured on Fox’s morning show tomorrow, so here’s hoping it gets some good press!

How’s the restaurant selection in your neighborhood?


Anonymous said...

that "full on" burger and warm cereal with honey sounds so good! i'm glad you now have a raw eatery closer to home. i hope it does well!

Christine said...

Nice to see more raw places, a new one just opened near me that I hope to get to this weekend.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh i would have all of those meals! we have NO raw places near me :( so sad!

Olga @ Healthing It said...

O0o this looks good!

When I went to Rawstar in the summer, I felt like it was the same...they were still trying to get on their feet!

Ah, I love Brooklyn for its wonderful selections. I hope that we can meet up soon, sorry I missed out!

elise said...

hmmm...well, ill give the restaurant (and the weather) a month to warm up, then we shall set a date, k?

ps thanks for the sweet comment you left. taking a step back and pampering myself a bit is doing amazing things to restore my energy. that said, im not sure im cut out to be a new yorker...so dont be surprised if this is my last.

katherine said...

Sounds like this place definitely has potential. Perhaps we'll venture out there soon to give it another shot with you!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

the zucchini-tahini-nut combo would be great but yeah, an acquired taste.

still finding it's sea legs. you are so refined in your vernacular of this :)

restaurant selection in Phx SUCKS the big one. I thought it was lame in San Diego. No, that was the promised land compared to Phoenix. People don't even know what vegans are here. I swear to you. I am asked all the time if i say i am a vegan...huh, what's that?

I kid you not. Sigh. Trying to get back to San Diego :)

sophia said...

Wow. That is very impressive, and so fascinating. But raw food is so...expensive! :-(
oh, and I saw you tweet on this! Hee hee!

My area is downtown LA, and we're mostly spotted with fast food restaurants or little shady Mexican places.

chrystad72 said...

awesome. Looks like they have a pretty good selection. The salad looks really tasty. Love the live hummus. We have a pretty big variety of cuisines where i live which is really cool. I love trying out all different types and varieties of cuisines. Always finding something delicious and new!

Gena said...

Glad you gave the restaurant a shot! I love your dinner club. The hummus looks very tasty (note to self: it's been a while since you made raw hummus, self...)


Mo Diva said...

Im not vegan but I can dig a good vegan dish! I am mad for vegan cookies! especially ones made of ginger and molasses!

I grew up in williamsburg brooklyn and really really loved the food scene there. I have since moved to queens where the scene is good ... but there is no place like home.

Erica said...

hey chicky! Glad you enjoyed your dinner (even if it wasn't really what was on the menu ;)). The hummus looks incredible! I would want to get that Irresistible Live Granola! Restaurant selection in Charleston is amazing! They're still working on the whole vegetarian/vegan options, but they're getting there!

thedelishdish said...

oh that looks amazing! i actually grew up in brooklyn (live in st.louis for school now) but i love going back!! enjoy it for me :)