December 24, 2009

My Gift to You


If it is Christmas you celebrate, that is. :)

This week, I was honored with the Beautiful Blogger award by not one, but two other beautiful bloggers, Gena and Averie. I can't even believe it--this is really an embarrassment of riches.

I am now charged with the task of posting seven random facts about myself. But in the spirit of the season, I figure why not make this the Christmas edition of award acceptance? So here are seven random facts about my holiday traditions:

  1. My family's traditional Christmas Eve dinner is either enchiladas or chili. Either way, it's Mexican-themed and accompanied by mom's famous taco salad!
  2. I grew up in Connecticut--we moved there when I was four. We weren't even fully unpacked when our first Christmas there rolled around, so my family bought a ton of really tacky crepe paper decorations for the house, kind of half as a joke, half to save the effort of ripping open that many more boxes. Still, that Christmas sticks out in my memory as one of the most beautiful Christmases I've had to date!
  3. We have an actual silver bell with a music box inside that plays "Silver Bells". I love it!
  4. I've become the official family cookie-maker for the holidays, though I think that designation is based more on willingness than talent. ;)
  5. [PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED] I believed in Santa Claus for a really long time. Like, longer than any kid should--I think I might have been 10 when the jig was finally up(?). The family played along as long as I did, though, wondering who was fooling who.
  6. The Christmas Dinner dishes I'm most looking forward to are green beans and stuffing, though I'm actually not sure there will be a bird to contain said stuffing! ;)
  7. My favorite Christmas movie is definitely Christmas Vacation. I'm at the point where I can recite the lines, but it's just not Christmas until I've seen Clark Griswold's dimpled mug.

And with that, please consider yourself nominated for the Beautiful Blogger award also, as my Christmas gift to you. I know it's lame for me not to name seven more bloggers, but I'd prefer that the Christmas cheer spread as far and as wide as possible.

Now get off the computer and go be merry or something! Why are you reading this, anyway?! ;)


lindseyy. said...

love christmas vacation! it's never quite christmas without it :)

happy holidays!

♥ lindsey

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Im only reading and on the puter b/c I find blog surfing relaxing and it's my "gift" to myself. And I am sooo happy to have named you as recipient of this (embarrassment of that one LOL) award.

Ok so your #1. I cannot figure out your ethnicity. I am thinking Latin/South American/Mexican with the chili and enchiliadas but then I know you and your fam have spend time in China. Not that it matters but I just find everyone's cultural background so interesting and it puts such an interesting spin on their food and recipes, too.

I am an anglo mutt comprised of russian, polish, german, swedish and other euro traces :) not that you asked but there ya go.

Random. I need to go to bed I think :)
Merry Xmas Diana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i've never seen christmas vacation, i feel like i'm missing out! enjoy your green beans and stuffing, merry xmas!

Anonymous said...

lol my parents STILL dont tell me santa isnt real!!

Erica said...

I think its awesome that you believed in santa for such a long time!! I was so mad when I found out... Love National Lampoons and Christmas vacation is one of their best films!!! Merry Christmas (a little late)

chrystad72 said...

Happy Holidays!!! I loved reading all those facts about you. Your christmas eve dinner sounds amazing. My favorite type of food is mexican food and your menu sounds delicious!!
Take care!!

Diana @ frontyardfoodie said...

My fave Christmas movie is definitely It's a Wonderful Life! Although Christmas Vacation is a fun one too!

Stephanie said...

My favorite Xmas movie = Love, Actually. I wish I had watched it last week!
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Gena said...

Hahaha. D, I love that you were a late Santa abandoner! I only wish I hadn't grilled my parents at the tender age of five. The dream would have been fun for a while longer :)

Merry Belated, beautiful.