December 2, 2009

Guest Post: Katherine of A Runner Wife's Life

Katherine spits much madder rhymes than I do. Especially about me, apparently. ;)

‘Twas the week before T-day and all through the blog world
wonderful writers were traveling and lovely prose was unfurled.
One blogger, my friend, Miss Diana did query
‘Anyone want to guest post? My travel’s here nearly!’
So I thought to myself ‘What the hay? Let’s do it!'
And I set about vegan-ly, and ate lots of fru-it.
To honor dear D, I decided I’d live
Just as she does, a few adjustments take or give.
On Tuesday I stopped for a veg juice size mondo
And sipped “blood” over ice while rocking sunglasses like Bono.
Mid-morning a Lara my stomach did crave
To the coffee shop and breakfast sausage I waved.
For lunch, I indulged with coworkers on sushi
Unpictured it went, as paparazzi can be douchy*
Miso soup and some maki sated my hunger
I promise this rhyme won’t go on much longer.
At home with the Huz we cleaned out our fridge
A fresh salad with veggies and some dressing, just a smidge!
And finally, for dessert, the piece de resistance:
Vegan Moon Cakes a la D, you must give these a chance*
Who knew red beans could be so delicious?
And almonds and agave keep these treats nutritious.
So there you have it in total – a day as Miss Di
I hope sometime, you will give it a try!

*I’m sorry family, I honestly couldn’t think of another word that rhymed with sushi. I tried!
*You must say this word as Frank does in Father of the Bride.


Devan Geselle. N said...

haha Brilliant <3

emily said...

This was genius!

Low said...

Haha love it. Frank on FOTB was such a hoot!

chrystad72 said...

hahaha...too funny. I loved this post!

Gena said...

You've got to be kidding me. Katherine, I have no words. No words. I'm too busy smiling to talk.