November 5, 2009

Spaghetti Pizza

Tonight I greet you with a very heartfelt (and preemptive) “TGIF.” It was a very long, overwhelming day at work, so I’m more than ready for the week to be over.

Story time! Gather round, dear readers.

I am lucky to have a job that 99% of the time I can manage between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Naturally, there are days when it demands a bit more, however, and today was one of them. The disadvantage of being unaccustomed to such instances is that I am all the more sensitive to the strain, and it all becomes very dramatic and arduous in my head.

Amazing I can hear anything in my head over all those tiny violins, eh? ;)


Earlier in the day (pre-stress onset, incidentally), the boyf had invited me over for some comfort pizza. I waffled, having bought all the stuff to make a new recipe for dinner tonight. As the work began to pile up, however, cooking became less and less appealing and the idea of getting cozy with a pizza and a boyf was sounding pretty good. Unfortunately, work ended up holding both him and me captive long past the closing bell, putting a pizza redezvous out of the question.

But the idea lingered in my head, even as I trudged home past all my favorite take-out joints. I happen to live in a building surrounded by restaurants of every cuisine you could want, in addition to several markets. If I had wanted to have someone else make dinner for me (or even to grab a frozen entree from the store), it would have been but a five-minute diversion from my path.


My brain is pretty stubborn where food is concerned, though, and if I wasn’t going to cook a whole meal from scratch, I was darn well going to make do with what I had in the kitchen. So make do I did, and I even got a pizza out of it.

I like to keep Rudi’s spelt tortillas in the freezer for times like these, and they served me well once again. Having only leftover raw marinara and plain spaghetti squash at my disposal, I turned the oven on to broil, topped two tortillas with the sauce and squash, spritzed with olive oil and ended up with a dinner that washed the day right out of my hair…or something like that.


I do credit a generous sprinkle of Vegan Parm with taking an admittedly plain pizza to the next level. The rebel in me gloried in this delicious 10-minute dinner (including prep), as if to throw all my other labor-intensive, blog-worthy dinners in my own face. But here it is, exposed on the blog anyway: a healthy, nearly-instant dinner using nothing but what I had in the fridge. And it was good. I’ve already forgotten what had me so tense at work. (Maybe that’s a stretch…)

Moral of my story? All’s well that ends well! As long as it ends with pizza. :)

What’s the best thing that necessity invented in your kitchen?


katherine said...

I made "pasta fagioli" out of a can of Campbells tomato soup, leftover ditalini pasta and a zucchini - pretty barebones, but delicious and satisfyin in a pinch!

Marissa said...

Ok that pizza looks DELICIOUS! I kind of wish I had it instead of veggies, eggplant chips, and hummus ;-)

And I need to make more parm! Thank you for reminding me!!!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

You take creativity to new heights, great job Diana! And I saw your bread again (oh the torture b/c it looks so dangggg good!) on Gena's and I can hardly wait to make it!

and thx for the vegan parm link. Although Ani and Sarma and all the cool girls have a million recipes in their books for stuff like that, it's nice when I don't need super exotic ingredients for a seasoning. COOL! & thanks!

emily said...

Any/every veggie-canned fish-mac and cheese dish I've ever made. Mmmmn!

Mama Pea said...

You crazy kid. My dinner was kind of improvised tonight and also included spaghetti squash. All the cool kids were eating it.

VeggieGirl said...

What a fun creation!

K from ksgoodeats said...

TGIF is RIGHT! This week has been a doozey! I'm loving the pizza combination. Putting spaghetti squash on it sounds like such a fun change!

Olga @ Healthing It said...

I like making a simple but flavorful veggie stir fry when I just don't feel like investing a lot of time in the kitch.

It's perfect!

Missy said...

Love this! So creative! I can't think of an answer to your question right now because I make boring things every night haha.

chrystad72 said...

Wow!!! what a rockin idea! I love it! Thanks so much. I have two fabulously gigantic spaghetti squashes onn my counter now and Ive been trying to think of a good way to use them. The Spaghetti squash pizza is a great idea!

Gina said...

I can't believe that is spaghetti squash on that pizza! What a great idea!

The best thing in my kitchen would HAVE to be my small vegetable steamer. I use it sometimes twice a day :)

Jess of Veg Out! said...

This looks fantastic! I love the idea! YUM.

I am seriously blanking on things I have "invented" out of necessity... Oh, Friday.

Abby (Abbys Vegan Eats) said...

SOOO creative.. love it.. want to try it NOW! :)

Gena said...

As someone who's job routinely keeps me at the office till 8 or 9, I'm sympathetic!

Lovely meal. Any suggestions on an already made, vegan pizza crust? I have a client who needs suggestions on a storebought brand.

Shannon said...

what a great improv show!! i need more pizza in my life.