October 1, 2009

A Day in the Life

Well hello there. Come here often?

Random picture, I know, but remember how I got my hair cut this weekend? Yeah, well this is how it looks when I do it. Pretty different! Mostly because I am so very untalented with that there blow dryer contraption. It's fine though because I still love this cut! It practically styles itself! Anyway, I felt compelled to post an updated picture of it, since the original perfectly-blown-dry photo will end up a bit misleading in the long run...

So, I'm thinking it's time for a wee update. My posts in the past few weeks have been full of recipes and dinners in restaurants, but turns out I do actually eat (quite a lot) outside of dinner hours! Starting back in June, I made this whole big deal out of the idea of Radventures, or gradually cleaning up my eating and changing up my health habits. The criteria, however, were that I pursue it only insofar as I enjoy it and that I do it for me--not because I want to liken myself to thisthatortheother person/trend/health philosophy. In short, it's time I lived up to my blog's tagline: Clean and tasty, nothing less.

It's not my style to blog in the food journal format, but just for fun and for a change of pace, let's check in with the current weekday routine, as opposed to when I started this mission. The following are pictures I accumulated on my phone's camera over the past few days.

Firstly, I am still using my juicer! I start my day with a fresh green juice about five out of every seven days, on average.

Not so much a green juice in that shot? That's because it was a spinach-beet-carrot-ginger juice I picked up after work one day and sipped while I waited for the subway, but let's allow it to be the placeholder for my daily 6:00am green juice. After a few months of experimentation, my standard juice formula has become romaine + kale + cucumber + carrots + apple + ginger. It actually makes me a little excited to get up each morning! Well, usually, at least...

Juice is followed by 30-60 minutes of exercise at the gym (aka a workout DVD in my bedroom), a shower, and a commute.

Once I reach the office, I pull out the travel mug of coffee, for which I am thoroughly ready by that time . You might remember my whole debate over whether or not to let coffee have a place in my diet, but I think that by now it's safe to say coffee won.

Breakfast is fruit, straight up. When I first started the fruit-til-lunch routine, I was buying whatever was in season at the farmer's market, but the fact is that my favorite fruits are not often to be found there. However, they are often in the freezer section, so I keep myself stocked with a few bags of whatever tickles my fancy. With my cutesy little heart-shaped bento, I can just dump in a couple different kinds and let it thaw throughout the morning until I'm ready to eat it, usually by 10:30am or so.

The example above contains organic peaches and Whole Foods' organic berry blend (strawberries, blackberries and blueberries), but mango chunks and cherries also make frequent appearances.

That'll hold me for an hour or so, after which I'll reach for one of the bananas in my desk stash. If it's chilly-willy in the office (most days), I'll make a cup of tea, too.

Lunch tends to be a bit of a wild card. I lost patience for making both tonight's dinner AND tomorrow's lunch separately each evening, so lately I've been making an effort to prepare multiple servings of whatever's for dinner so that I can just pack up a portion for the next day's lunch. Sometimes it's raw, sometimes it's not, and sometimes it's a hybrid of cooked and raw. Always, it is mostly made of vegetables.

The picture above was a spinach salad with dulse, carrot-miso dressing and a leftover homemade raw vegan veggie burger. For tomorrow's lunch, on the other hand, I'm bringing a leftover serving of Pumpkin Lentil Stew, so you can see that lunch runs the gamut of what I need to use up and/or leftovers.

I have a pretty well-stocked snack drawer at work, and it usually spits out something like this around 4:00pm.

LaraBars, Pure Bars, Amazing Grass Superfood bars, Chunks of Energy...one of those things finds its way to my belly every day pretty reliably.

As for dinner, let's just not even go there. We are all (or at least I am) sick of me talking about dinner recipes and/or assemblages, so let's not and say we did discuss it and insert an imaginary dinner photo here. Cabbage Cookies? Raw-cho cheese? Vegan Strata? Take your pick.

How about dessert instead? That is something I can expound upon 24 hours a day, quite enthusiastically. The routine of late is this:

Really dark chocolate (70%-85% cacao), a date stuffed with almond butter, prune and fig. Plus a huge mug of peppermint tea. I used to be a much fancier dessert-mixologist of sorts, but I think this little dessert sampler has been the ultimate proof I needed to realize that simpler is often better! I challenge any pastry chef to come up with a dessert that tastes better than a date with AB. Seriously.

Anyway, I'll be up to my old tricks with the next post, no doubt (I really do have to share tonight's dinner with you soon! I can't help myself!), but I felt like the whole Radventure thing deserved some follow-up. Not because I'm so narcissistic to think that anyone reading this needs to know what I've been up to on the eating front, but because dang it, I started in on this goal to eat cleaner and this is my way of making my moderate success a little more tangible, if only for myself.

Aside from the cold I had last week, I have felt amazing so long as I'm eating clean, and even amazing-er when I avoid meat and dairy altogether. That's just me. My favorite part of this endeavor, however, is the fact that the more I keep at it, the more I want to keep at it. I'm happiest when I'm eating clean, and who doesn't want to be happy, for pete's sake? My cravings really have shifted towards the kinds of meals I've been preparing (and posting) lately. I'm not just doing that for the blog's sake! I ain't no poser.

Like I said, I'll be back next time with what I had for dinner tonight. It might have involved multiple things from the below shopping trip:

Can you guess what it was? No? Don't feel like it? That's ok. No one's perfect.

So what about you? Any daily eating routines that you look forward to? Tell me what's VIP on your grocery list.


Devan Geselle. N said...

i adore eating clean. I too feel much happier and "cleaner" when I do so.
I always buy as local as I can.. if not , then organic.
but also as a "starving artist".. i will buy things on sale.. non organic. but who is perfect, really!?

i am really wanting to add more routine to my meals.. as in, making a meal plan, or menu. create a shopping list for the week and USE it to create good food. But with a busy schedual , its really hard. I would love to try to make those sunshine patties. they sound phenominal! have you tried using another nut/seed to make it instead?? what about raw ab?

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Love the post. My fave things in it are: your hair, your heart shaped bento, your choco spread for dessert (simple is good when it comes to choco) and your attitude about embracing rawness and vegan stuff and that it gets easier as you go along and you want to keep doing it. I totally agree!!! And I dont even know if you're a vegan or not, who cares about labels really :) but I think it's awesome this is about health and that you're feelin' RAD. Rock on Diana!

VIP on my grocery list: greens, brock/cauli/Brussels, fruit.

VeggieGirl said...

That first photo just made my day (and it's only 7:30am, haha).

You know what I'm going to say anyways, so I'll just end typing here ;)

The Candid RD said...

I love your dessert, it's very similar to what I do for dessert! I like prunes, with peanut butter :)

Taking coffee out of my diet would be a disaster. I have read too many good things about coffee to even THINK about giving it up!! I don't have high bp, not even close, so I'm good for now.

When it comes to groceries, my VIP product is fresh produce and frozen vegetables. I LOVE both! Fresh bananas and mushrooms, etc., and tons of frozen vegetables. My favorite meal is my cereal for breakfast, with frozen blueberries and soymilk, YUM.

Diana said...

Devan -

I haven't tried a nut/seed other than sunflower seeds for the sunshine patties, but other types would probably work alright too. My worry about almond butter is that it's oily and gooey to begin with, and the patties might not hold together the same way. The idea is to soak and process the nuts until they're ground to the stage just before they become gooey, and that's really what gives the burgers a nice texture and substance.

K from ksgoodeats said...

Gotta love easy hair cuts! Glad you're liking it - it looks great :)

I love eating tons of veggies! In fact when I am out of control of my eats (work events and such) I eagerly anticipate coming home to eat my usual foods. I'm happy to hear you're feeling the benefits of your Radventure!

Erica said...

I think your hair looks so cute! I eat VERY similar to you (which must mean I rock..right?). Fruit is my go to in the morning (and coffee...can't be without it!). VIP at the food store is TONS of fruits and veggies, beans, and I do love a good rice cake on occasion ;)

Missy said...

Love your hair! It looks so cute and fashionable! I just wrote down your juice ingredients because my juicer should be arriving some day soon! Love your dessert too! I need to copy that.

melissa said...

loving the dessert! very inspiring post

Anonymous said...

your hair is soooo chic!
VIP in my groceries? dark chocolate, very dark ones.. if you like dark, try dark chocolate with espresso. it's insanely delicious! :)

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Dinner last night...well I know it involved tahini dressing. Based on your other ingredients I'm thinking kale chips, with some sort of soba noodle squash soup, and raw peach ice-cream for dessert. :)

"I challenge any pastry chef to come up with a dessert that tastes better than a date with AB. Seriously"...AMEN!

Jenny said...

Just catching up on your old posts now -- I see you haven't been slackin' in the good eats department.. damn stan, you know how to cook!

I think your passion for clean eating is greaaaaat and I'm happy it's having such a positive effect on your life :) keep doin whatcha doin girl!

PB = my VIP/MVP/BFF .. you name it.

Anonymous said...

RIght there with you honey.
I LOVE your hair. So fab!
Rob just ate a tortilla with nut cheese and looked at me really super seriously, then said, "I REALLY like the nut cheese." :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mama!!!!

First of all, you are so sweet for sending me that amazing email- I will be replying soon!!

2nd- love the pumpkin stew from your last post! looks sooo comforting

3- love the hair!! such a fun cut to have! id be wayy too nerv to ever get a short do!

4- LOVE the way you eat and the copious amounts of fruits and fresh veggies!! your lunch time veggie burger looks bizombbbbbb, and that dessert is SO CUTE.

PLUS pb LARA! i havent had that in a long long time.

have a wonderful weekend Diana!!!!
much love to you!!!!!!!!! :D


Abby said...

Great post! VIP on my grocery are always always some apples, kale, bananas, carrots, and celery. They are the staples every week. Everything else I try to get at the farmers market. Ezekial products always another must!Have a great Saturday :)

Gena said...

You look totally hot!!!

Anonymous said...

love your new hair cut girlie - looks great :)

ah the joy of eating clean. So much more energy is worth the cost!!

I totally agree that the larabars/pure bars are great for a mid day snack because they are super filling!

Heather said...

Your daily eats look so freaking awesome. Want to come plan all my meals for me? I'm on the frozen fruit bandwagon, too! Fresh organic fruit is SO expensive, but frozen organic fruit is half the cost, so I am all about that.

My grocery list always includes fruits/veggies (both fresh & frozen), dried beans, non-dairy milk, and my favorite desserts: dark chocolate & dried fruit (dates and prunes, holla!). Great minds think alike ;)

Shannon said...

love that do, but i dont' spend much time on my hair... the things i'm always purchasing are fruits, greek yogurt, eggs, and veggies. if that were all i bought, i might be in better shape ;)

Lizzy said...

eating clean is mantra, and a mantra that is right for me. Last night for instance i ate myself silly with a sugar overload and ended up feeling like crap last night and this morning, that all i was craving and NEEDED were veggies and fruit. its crazy how in tune my body is when its filled with veggies and fruits, and how yuck it feels when i feed it crap!

and i wanted to tell you I LOVE YOUR HAIR!

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with my hair... it looks good when I take the time to do it, but never as good as when the hairdresser does. Usually I just dry my bangs so they don't stick up like Alfalfa's, and the rest of it ends up looking like a triangle. Hot.

I try to buy organic produce and dairy whenever possible. But, as a young gal on a budget, sometimes I have to cut some corners.

Elina said...

That's so great that eating mostly raw has been enjoyable for you. I know it's not for me, but it is a very clean form of eating, so it's great that you love it and feel great eating so. Everything looks delicious, and I love the hair do - even with your styling skills ;)

Marissa said...

I went through a date filled with almond butter phase...no, make that 5 dates filled with almond butter and dusted with sea salt :-) Bedtime snack! SO GOOD. More recently I have been on a raw chocolate pudding kick, topped with nut butters and various other decadent toppings ;-)

But the date + almond butter combo? *swoon*

Marissa said...

and...I also have a serious thing for prunes and figs. I keep both in my fridge for easy snacking ;-)