September 10, 2009

Vegetarian Awareness Week!

Happy Vegetarian Awareness Week! So I actually just found out today that the second week of September is, in fact, Vegetarian Awareness Week, but it is a happy coincidence because it is this very week that the boyf has decided to try vegetarianism! GO BOYF!

In terms of my own dietary preferences, I am quite label-shy--I would rather forego calling myself vegetarian/vegan than feel guilty when I have some ice cream (which I truly enjoy and therefore has a place in my diet), but let's get real. I rarely eat meat anymore, and I certainly do not keep it in the house. Indeed, as I've been eating a higher raw diet, meat tends not to play a starring role. I also suspect I'm even more vegan than I realize!

Nonetheless, I would consider myself a decent authority on making quick and easy meat-free meals (I've been doing that for eons, it seems!), so when the boyf announced his intention to try being vegetarian for a while, I was delighted not only for his health and open-mindedness, but selfishly for the simple fact that we could enjoy more homecooked meals together!

Over the weekend, I went shopping with him to help stock his kitchen full of goodies necessary for enjoying a user-friendly and delicious vegetarian diet. Naturally, the next step was for me to visit him on an average weeknight and demonstrate a quick dinner with minimal prep, no fancy chef skizzles required.


I assessed what I had to work with and pulled together a dinner using two bags of mixed frozen veggies, brown rice and bottled stir fry sauce.

This is me intently cheffing (aka babysitting the brown rice and pushing the veggies around the pan). Such hard work being vegetarian!

And this is the boyf being sous-chef.

That's about it! The brown rice went into two bowls (plus a Tupperware for his lunch tomorrow) and was topped with a nice pile of veggies. I also sliced up half an avocado and distributed it atop the three servings. Sesame seeds and sriratcha made it money!

The boyf's bowl was a little manlier with lemon pepper "chik'n" strips, or whatever they call 'em. Whatever it is, it's a great transition food for new veggiephiles.

Survey says?


(Not his quote, but props for naming the movie in which it is heard.)

I'm trying so hard to write this post such that it doesn't come off all condescending and whatnot, but I really am so proud of my boyfie for trying something new. This is a big step for someone with such a proclaimed love for meat! I can only hope that my enthusiasm for veggies is at least a little contagious.

What will you do to celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Week?


veggieforlife said...

Looks yummy, and yay for another convert to vegetarianism!
BTW--that quote? Definitely from "Clueless"!

katherine said...

I wish I'd know it was Vegetarian Week earlier!! In its honor, I will commit to a completely vegetarian day tomorrow. And I'll be sure to report back.

Glad the boyf is willing to try new things and I love that you're helping out so much with cooking some of the meals and helping to acclimate him to new food options. Way to go, D!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Umm I had no idea it was Veggie Week. Learn something new every day :)

I also hate labels and resisted calling myself vegan til about 3 mos ago. I was a very, very, very occasionally dairy-cheating vegetarian by way of yogurt and so once that was gone, I am a vegan. I am not so anal that if something happens to have some random trace ingredient of dairy that I flip, but I also try not to eat things with random trace ingredients, ya know :)

Your pics are awesome! For some reason, I had a different mental image of you than these. From your little blogger headshot profile pic I guess. You look so good in your kitch!

If you use chia seeds or stevia, btw, I am giving lots of it away on my bloggie, just wanted to letcha know :)

K from ksgoodeats said...

I hate labels too - I'm a believer that people should just eat what they want! How awesome is it that the boyfriend is trying out vegetarianism?! That dish looks fantastic!

Gina said...

Wow, I had no idea if was vegetarian week!! And that meal looks amazing. Anything with avocado on top gets my approval! For vegetarian week I will vow to eat more vegetables, and new vegetables. Yesterday I had a new vegetable, which was a cross between broccoli and kale!

brandi said...

that's awesome that he's trying it out! and what a great meal to start with.

I had no clue it was Veggie week!

Hayley said...

How did it happen that I haven't eaten meat for months and during Vegetarian week I have chicken twice? Ahh well...I'll fix that over the next few days. :)

I am so excited that the boyf is trying vegetarianism. It definitely makes cooking for two quite a bit easier! Man if I could get my husband to do the same I'd be in heaven.

Gena said...

Oh my god, what cute photos!! And hooray for meat free cooking! Alex is a lucky man ;-)

Lizzy said...

If i am going to have meat during any given day, i try to make it only once a day. I like veggie burgers and stuff like that way more then meat anyday!

caronae said...

I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't eat a ton of meat (I'm insulin resistant, so I need fewer carbs in my diet, and being a veggie would be pretty tough). But anyways, I plan on cooking lots of veggie inspired meals this week. Although when I think about it that's pretty much what I've been doing lately, since I have been too lazy to cook meat...
Anyways, have a great veggie filled week!

Devan Geselle. N said...

i am going to buy only organic/local, as usual.. but reall focus on COOKING .. not eating plain fruits and veg all day. haha

Lele said...

Sriracha definitely makes it money! I'm having a little Sriracha dependency at the moment.

Jenny said...

veggie week should def. be a national holiday in blogworld. I shall celebrate tonight with an Amy's veggie burger...Happy to do my part!

melissa said...

yum! clueless. i can repeat the movie word for word beginning to end!

Brittany said...

Hooray for Vegetarian Week and for the bf for trying out vegetarian cuisine. Such a great girlfriend you are to show him the veggie ropes. =)

Anonymous said...

I hate labels, too. I call myself a "Vegetarian", and I have for eight years, but I also eat fish.

I'm going to celebrate the week by cooking as many meals from scratch as I can! It's a little tricky with my work schedule, but I'll make room.

You don't sound condescending at all! Thanks for keeping us informed.

elise said...

yeah for the boyf and yeah for vegetarians. you are one flexy lady. har har, get it, flexitarian (labels are for punks - thats why my profile gives my very precise calculation for my vegan-ness).

Mekkie said...

I'm a vegetarian and I didn't even know there was an awareness week for me. :D

People think being veggie is so hard but things like stir-frys are the easiest thing in the world. I love how you get home after a long day and you can still have the energy to make something.