September 1, 2009


I must be livin' the life! Dinner out two nights in a row! The boyf met me for an early bite after work, kinda spontaneous-like, since he had time to kill before a rehearsal uptown. I may have 100 lbs of produce going bad in my fridge as a result, but I'm not one to turn down a dining opportunity! Especially with my other-borough-dwelling boyf.

The dear heart was kind enough to indulge my (desperate) desire to try Souen, a Japanese macrobiotic restaurant I'd read about in Clean Plates NYC. They serve only organic vegetables and seafood (no meat), use no added salt or refined sugar, and have a pretty bad-ass menu.

Might sound like a formula for bland, but my meal was anything but. The vegetable Kuzu Stew jumped off the menu at me pretty quickly, so I went with my gut and it was pretty happy with the result.

I love how this dish was described as "cozy" on the menu. Just what I wanted, as the weather has turned a bit cooler all of a sudden. The broth was fairly thick--not watery at all-and I enjoyed its flavor with every bite of veggies and brown rice. Can't go too far wrong with a bowl full of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, kale, cabbage and onions!

As for the boyf, he sampled some smaller dishes of shrimp & veggie tempura, plus two rounds of spicy tuna roll.

So what makes all this macrobiotic? It pretty much just looks like Japanese food, no?

According to Clean Plates NYC, macrobiotic is defined as follows:

Refers to a holistic philosophy of living that originated in Japan and focuses on balance. The diet associated with the lifestyle is a strict whole foods pesco-vegetarian (includes fish but no meat or poultry or dairy) approach, with an emphasis on grains and Japanese foods.

Still not sure why that needs a fancy name like macrobiotic, but whatever. This I can work with:

They call it macrobiotic, I call it a sexy bowl of things that make my brain and belly happy.

Know what else is sexy?

Crumbs Bake Shop just so happened to be between us and our respective subway stops, so the boyf enjoyed himself a mondo "Hostess" cupcake (chocolate cake with cream filling and chocolate frosting) before scurrying off to rehearsal. I may or may not have taste-tested for poison control.

Even though dinner was over and done with by 6:30pm, the fact remained that the leftovers I'd planned on taking to the office for two days' worth of lunches were yet unmade, as the associated dinner from which the lunches were to be left over never happened. So I came home and made it anyway. The result was nummy, so tomorrow I will post a new raw recipe!

Once all that was done, I rewarded myself with my own dessert: chocolate chip banana soft serve.

I mean, the food processor was already out and everything...

To the usual two bananas I just added a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa and processed til creamy, dropping in a couple small squares of dark chocolate towards the end, while the motor was still running.



Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Cha-cha-ching!!!!! on the choco nanna softserve. I just figured out how to duplicate that texture in my vitamix but sadly, it requires a nutmilk in order to get there otherwise the nannas just fly around the inside of the canister. Truly need a food processor for that and I am so glad you scored your ebay find! Woo hoo!

Lizzy said...

o so yum. dinner looks fab! :)

Missy said...

The soup and his sushi looks wonderful! I can't decide if I want his cupcake or your banana soft serve more!!

Caroline said...

I've always been intrigued by macrobiotics--thanks for the official description!
Banana chocolate chip soft serve??? Yes, please!

Chocolate Covered Katie said...

That's my fave thing to get at Souen!! :)

K from ksgoodeats said...

Oh goodness, the "Hostess" cupcake and your banana soft serve look delish!

With the cooler temps, anything that's described as "cozy" sounds like a hit! Glad you had a great meal :)

Jenny said...

you are so fab, D <3 I want to live your life!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana! I haven't been reading your blog for very long and I don't comment often, but I love it and now I read regularly. I recently made your jazzed up green beans recipe and I wanted to link it from my blog to yours but I can't seem to find the page you had it on. Do you mind sending me the link? My email address is: Thank you!

elise said...

is the boyf in manhattan? bummer. i saw that clean plates book in WF the other day and remember you mentioned it back in one of your beam geen posts. you recommend? it would be good and scary knowledge, and i think i mentioned it to kyle and he was nervous that id get it and suddenly hed be dealing with preacher elise saying no to all his fave restaurants...of course i wouldnt do that, but i can see where his worry lies...