September 22, 2009

Brooklyn Supper Club: Rawstar

A very good evening to you folks! I have a very suspicious feeling in my throat right now, so I'm gonna make this as quick as possible.

Long story short, my day at the office ran way longer than I'd anticipated, causing me to be rushed and stressed as I subway-ed myself to tonight's dinner engagement: Rawstar with my favorite Brooklyn bloggers, Sarah and Vani! We've been dying to try Brooklyn's newest (and only?) raw restaurant for ages now.

Unfortunately, the combination of me feeling like I'm coming down with something and the fact that I never had time to stop at home to fetch my camera means a sub-par post for y'all, so I will have to make it up to you tomorrow (fingers crossed...).

I pretty much immediately ordered this coconut water upon arrival. Trying to do right by my body in the face of a potential viral issue! It was cool and every bit as delicious as fresh young coconut water should be. Hard to mess that up!

We shared the Broccoli Cheese Cannellini for an appetizer. The wrappers were slices of dehydrated eggplant! Immediate points for Rawstar in Diana's book, of course. :)

This dish tasted good but was no big whoop in the grand scheme of things, as I was to find out when this arrived:

Spinach pie with spicy ginger sauce! Hot damn, it was good. The "crust" seemed to be ground nuts, topped with a layer of pressed spinach and the aforementioned spicy ginger sauce. It was rich, delicious and unlike anything I've ever tried before, raw or otherwise.

It came with a dab of the house "tomato choker," which is essentially their raw tomato sauce. It definitely had an olive-ish flavor to it--very unique. I liked it! You can order this atop zucchini pasta too, if I'm not mistaken. Many of the dishes at Rawstar are Carribbean-inspired, so it was not only the raw dining experience but also the interesting flavor combinations that were novel to me at this restaurant.

My entree came with a salad and a side. I chose the Hi Green Salad for my salad selection, and it was made of marinated kale, sundried tomatoes, olives, and an unidentified-yet-tasty dressing.

As for the side, I enjoyed another new-to-me raw dish: curry plantains! I know what you're thinking: raw plantains? Really? YES! Yesyesyes. I was nervous about this one, but it paid off. The texture was actually closest to cooked bananas, of all things, but I think a lot of the sliminess is owed to the sauce, which teemed with fresh herbs and spices. My palate has learned to distinguish fresh tastes from bottled and I'm loving it! I have that much more appreciation for good (un)cooking.

I think Sarah and I both really want to learn how to make these plantains! As luck would have it, we may have our chance. Turns out Rawstar offers raw cooking classes! I think the Brooklyn Supper Club (as I have named the three of us just now) is highly intrigued by this idea. We'll keep you posted!

Oh, and of course, there was dessert: Banana Coconut Cream Pie!

It tasted just like you'd imagine it should: like heaven on a plate. Actually, it tasted eerily close to my balmy butter "recipe"! Makes me think I oughta get to making me another batch of that...

Well anyway, sorry for the wiggity-whack postage today, but let's just say it's a good night to be liberated from cooking responsibilities and I should take advantage of the (somewhat) early hour to hit ye olde hay!

Rawk on.


Gina said...

Curry plantains?! Those sound fantastic. Everything looks delicious.

I'm sure you'll go back to the restaurant some time, and post something amazing. Either way, I can tell the place is great! I bet it's so fun living in New York and trying out a new restaurant as often as possible.

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Could I invite myself out to dinner with you girls? I desperately need a raw or even vegan restaurant option. Just moved to Phoenix and am clueless still but San Diego had nada goin'. I actually dont think Phoenix is any better. We all know that NYC girls have the best eats in the universe. Lucky bee-otches!

BroccoliHut said...

Oh man, that dessert must be what they eat in heaven!

Rose said...

This looks like a cool place - definitely delicious eats.

fitforfree said...

Lovely recap. I'm glad the plantains worked for you! I'm looking forward to the first official meeting of the brooklyn uncooking club.

elise said...

awww..feel better homie. that meal looks amaze. glad you kids are showing the glorious raw side of brooklyn. you guys are such hipsters :)

Olga said...

OMG OMG that's the entree I had when I went there too! woop woop.

At least it wasn't balls hot when you went!

Paige (Running Around Normal) said...

That restaurant looks awesome! Love the idea of eggplant wrappers :)

Jenny said...

dang you had yourself all sorts of fabola food! Lets be honest though, the banana coconut cream pie totally takes the cake! (bad pun).