August 30, 2009

Rainy Outdoors = Delicious Indoors

Friday and Saturday's dreary weather meant that Diana was unleashed upon her kitchen pretty much full tilt until today, what with the boyf being occupied with helping a friend move and all.

Super-fun small-world story about that, actually. The friend in question is an avid runner named Alma. Imagine my surprise when the boyf tells me that Alma's new roommate is none other than Megan of Runner's Kitchen! No me digas! Upon realizing that Megan's a blogger, the boyf is like, "Hey, do you know Soap & Chocolate? Yeah, I'm the boyf."

So while he was doing that, I was doing laundry and making this:

Raw veggies meet cooked veggies on compromise of goat cheese.

The bottom is obviously just spiralized zucchini, but the topping is just a quick eggplant parmesan I put in the oven while my laundry was in the dryer. I whipped up a batch of Gena's raw sweet pepper marinara and layered it with eggplant, extra dried herbs and about an ounce of shredded goat cheddar. I baked it at 350* for 30 minutes and put it on top of the zucchini with a little more supplemental marinara.

No breading, no extra oil, nothing pre-processed. Every bit as amazing as the traditional version. Trust.

And then I hopped on the banana boat. You may recall that my food processor arrived this week, so it was but a matter of days--nay, hours--until I tried the now-legendary banana soft serve for myself.


Two frozen bananas. One food processor. One chai macaroon, exploded.

One happy belly. I could eat this for dessert every day of my life. And I might.

I have been up to some other shenaniganery in the kitchen besides banana ice cream, though. I milked my own almonds this weekend! It's just too simple not to do, and I'm saving a bunch of dollars in the process. I think you know what almond milk looks like, so I'll spare you the visual, but more importantly, what to do with the almond pulp? I'll tell you what.

Double props to Katie, as she provided the inspiration for this as well as the breakfast that followed. Behold, banana-almond, or rather, balmy butter:

Into the food processor went all of the leftover almond pulp (from 1 cup of almonds), one frozen banana (thawed), a few drops of vanilla and a hefty sprinkle of cinnamon. I had squeezed out as much milk as possible before emptying the contents of the nut milk bag into the food processor, but I ended up needing to add a few splashes back in (to my taste), so if you try this yourself, I recommend not squeezing the nut sack. That's good life advice, in general.

I topped my brownie batter pancakes (also one of Katie's genius creations) with a generous dollop of balmy butter and some more cinnamon.

Best enjoyed on a rainy Saturday morning while watching a bad '80s movie.

I have to confess to the addiction that followed (the bad '80s movie addiction was pre-existing) so that you are forewarned, should you choose to try this at home.

I later made a snack of pinwheels with half a spelt tortilla and balmy butter...

Stepped outside briefly for errands during a pause in the rain, spotted Simon van Kempen (eating an ice cream cone in front of Haagen Dazs) from Real Housewives of New York City (!)...

...and then had another snack of balmy butter-stuffed dates...

...avec Teeccino.

I may or may not have dipped a finger straight into the balmy butter jar a couple times too. Amazing.

Lest you think that all I did was eat balmy butter all day, however, I guess I owe you lunch and dinner, though they're not especially news-worthy. Lunch was basically all of my leftovers dumped into one bowl:

Massaged kale salad, cold grilled eggplant + summer squash and raw rainbow rice.

Random, but it worked. I only took pictures (post-stir, at that) because I found myself admiring all the colors and musing on how much I love veggies.

And while I didn't have leftovers for dinner, I wanted to fashion something from what I already had in-house, plus it was Saturday night, which could only mean one thing: pizza.

Rudi's organic whole spelt tortillas work especially well as easy pizza crusts because they're quite sturdy and crisp up nicely without getting soggy, so I topped 1.5 tortillas with more raw sweet pepper marinara, goat cheddar and a few leaves from my basil plant. Broil for five minutes and you have a plate full of awesome.

Followed by one banana's worth of "ice cream," naturally.

Did the weekend's weather inspire any balmy creations of your own?


VeggieGirl said...

SIMON!! Haha he was a total riot on that show - he caused even MORE drama than most of the housewives ;)

Too much food porn in this post!!

Rosey Rebecca said...

Oh wow!! Everything you made looks great! I'd eat it all! On rainy days, my boyfriend has to stop me from cooking/baking. He's like you already made 3 dozen cookies and muffins, we don't need banana bread and red velvet cupcakes. sheesh!

Chocolate-Covered Katie said...

I'm at a loss for words! Diana, how did you manage to put so much amazingness into one tiny little post? And seriously, I get SO excited whenever I see you've gotten any sort of inspiration from me because you are so awesome that it is a HUGE compliment!

K from ksgoodeats said...

You saw Simon?! Please tell me he was wearing a speedo or those red leather pants?! ;)

I don't even know where to begin with the eats because they all look delicious! One Happy Belly is, indeed, correct!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

You get my I can and would eat everything on the post award for the weekend (with the exception of the pizza crust, I'm GF). But holy crap your food looks divine. I have a spiralizer from amazon Im gonna order tomorrow so I can get on that bandwagon. Finally. And of course the nanna soft serve. It does NOT work in a vitamix. That's all I have so I cant make that but could also eat it every nite of my life, just judging from the pics all over the bloggieworld. The almond pulp also being put to amazing use. The dates stuffed with the buttah (I had stuffed PB dates on my blog the other day) and seriously the kale salad with purple rice....OM freaking rock with this post!!!! Did you leave the house or just cook all weekend?! You have me totally inspired!

Lizzy said...

seriously mouth water the entire time! good eats girl! :)

Jenny said...

you are doin' katie proud in this post! oh how i wish i knew who the heck simon one -- but i was totally not cool enough to watch Real Housewives :( i feel like an outcast.

elise said...

those stuffed dates are like mega holy moly yum! how hilarious that hes like "im the boyf" hahaha. love it. all your eats look as dashing as evah! mmmm.

Missy said...

Everything looks so amazing! The pizza and goat cheese raw pasta! Next time it rains, I may have to find where you live haha.

Amelia (AC/DC: Highways to Health) said...

Wow everything in your post looks way delish! I actually tried massaged kale salad for the first time last week. So so so good! :)

emily said...

I laughed so hard at your nut sack comment I choked! Is it perhaps a good thing that I'm not influencing young children any more?

melissa said...

holy freaking food porn! you outdid yourself this week. yum to the 5th degree!

Lia said...

Balmy butter sounds enticing! IT all looks so yummy, and simple, the keys to happiness :)

Devan Geselle. N said...

im coming over tomorrow.
and your going to feed me all your delicious DELICIOUS looking food

Anonymous said...

great use of almonds pulp.... I was just wondering what to do with them once the milk is made! :)
the rest of the food look delicious too! There's nothing better than some good food indoor when it's pouring outdoor.

katherine said...

Every single one of your meals are fantastic and it sounds like you totally maxed out on good times this weekend - tasty food, a celeb sighting and some down time thanks to the rain. sa-weet!!

Also, welcome to the banana fro-yo bandwagon :)

Gena said...

Wow, how much goodness in this post?! What an amazing weekend. I'm with the other bloggers -- food porn overload :)

And Simon?! Amazing. Was he wearing something preposterous?

G xo

Shannon said...

ooh, i have a ton of almonds... love your katie-inspired creation ;)

fitforfree said...

The 13-year-old boy in me is still laughing at your nutsack comment.

The 26-year-old lady in me is very excited to see a yummy way to use almond pulp -- I tried making mock tuna salad with it once and it was nast.

see you soon!

Erica said...

WOW- what a small world! That is so crazy. I had a similar "small world" experience with the blog recently and it totally freaked me out! My husband came home and said one of his coworkers had asked him how his tuna was last night. Josh...puzzeled...said good. And the guy goes...yah my wife reads your wifes blog. I guess she saw a pic of my husband in their newsletter and was like hey...I know that guy. hahah.

Any who- so many good eats. The eggplant dish looks just incredible. I need to try making some eggplant again- I loved it the first time! And the pizza too- yum yum! I wish we were traveling all weekend and I had, had more time in the kitchen!

Haleigh said...

All of your food looks so delicious and colorful! LOVE stuffed dates!

Meredith (Pursuing Balance) said...

I love your phrasing!!!! "Raw veggies meet cooked veggies on compromise of goat cheese." "Two frozen bananas. One food processor. One chai macaroon, exploded." Fantastic!