August 10, 2009

Radventure of the Week: Raw Breakfast

I'm gonna have to make it quick tonight--it's past my bedtime already since I was out socializing tonight instead of blogging (!). Please forgive me.

I am disappointed in the photo below because it most certainly does not convey all the heavy, awkward weight that one endures when doing a major shop at the farmer's market. Granted, some of the haul is missing from the picture, but still.

My delicious goodies include kale, lettuce, red pepper, corn, cherry tomatoes and zucchini.

Perhaps my load was extra-heavy today because I picked up a generous amount of fruit in addition to the veggies, which I haven't really done at the Greenmarket until now. However, as the post title suggests, this week's experiment is raw breakfast, or rather, eating just fruit until lunch.

I am adding this morningtime Radventure to last week's experiment, which was raw lunch, during which time I enjoyed perhaps the best salads I've ever had, thanks to the Greenmarket goodies. Day 1 of this week's experiment went quite well!

I returned from my weekend in CT late-ish yesterday, so I had no fresh produce for a juice this morning. I bit the bullet and bought one on my way the office after my spin through the farmer's market.

A creature of habit, I went back to Blood Tonic #40 at the Jus stand: spinach, beet, carrot and ginger. Perfect.

I confess that I was nervous about the idea of having nothing but fruit to eat until lunch, being the lover of Kashi Go Lean + yogurt that I am. Convinced that I'd spend the whole morning ravenous, I definitely bought way more fruit than I needed. Not only that, but I ate more than I needed because I couldn't get out of my own head (It's just fruit! You'll be hungry again in 10 minutes! You'd better have another plum just in case!). It's hard to really let go and let your body ask for what it wants, especially when you're used to a well-rehearsed eating routine by which you can predict down to the minute when you'll be ready for lunch.

Still, I was up for the challenge and came to the office well-prepared. The juice held me for about two hours, after which I assembled a small army of Greenmarket fruits at my side:

Two kinds of plum, a nectarine and a non-market banana (Thank you, Mr. 3-for-$1 Fruit Stand Man). I was full before I ate the purple plum, but like I said, I couldn't convince myself that I might actually be done before finishing what was in front of me, so I ate it anyway.

The most interesting thing I noticed after enjoying my first fruit-only-AM wasn't the fact that I was just as satisfied as I am following a cereal + yogurt breakfast (which I was, but without the heavy feeling that follows). It was the effect it had on my mood.

I came to work this morning stressed out about a number of things, my mind wandering hither and thither, wondering how I was going to solve this, that or the other thing. Meanwhile, I'm eating my choice of (really) fresh fruit, all kinds of juices running down my hands, thinking about how tasty it was and why haven't I bought local fruit more often? etc. Long story short: By the time I'd finished my meal/series-of-fruit, I'd gathered my wits about me and had a legitimate feeling of being able to handle both my own challenges as well as the office tasks at hand.

Coincidence? I think not. Compared to this experience, I should rename my favorite cereal "Kashi Go Mean."

I'll be paying attention to whether or not my subsequent fruit-til-lunch experiences play out similarly, but for the moment I'm very pleased (and not because I just ate a piece of fruit; nay--'twas chocolate just now).

In other news, I had this bit of glory for a snack this afternoon:

That would be the new Peanut Butter & Jelly Lara Bar. I hereby give it a glowing review. Unlike the new German Chocolate Cake flavor, it does not "take a lot of imagination" for this bar to live up to its name! It tasted eerily close to its spread + bread cousin, and having grown up a PB&J enthusiast, I can give this new bar two experienced thumbs up...or at least one thumb plus its mangled pair. Snag it if you can find it! I found the new Lara flavors at Whole Foods.

And that's all I got! Time to crank the A/C and frolic off to Dreamland.


Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

Very interesting. I too was of the mindset that I needed to eat absurd amounts of fruit and/or veggies to feel full, but once you get over that mental aspect it all kind of balances out. It really is a whole different kind of "Intuitive Eating." I love your radventures!!!

katherine said...

I love that you had such a good experience with the first all raw breakfast! I agree - it takes some serious adjustment/evaluation to determine how much food you need, whatever the food is!

brandi said...

interesting observation about your mood AND the fact that it's so easy for our minds to convince of us something :) isn't that crazy? it's so easy to make up something in my head and just believe it and not trust myself.

i hope i can find that bar soon! i've only heard good things.

elise said...

how interesting that you noticed a change in mood corresponding with your diet...although i guess it isnt surprising that ditching nonprocesssed food also left you free of that stressed out feeling. i swear its amazing how much we learn when we really pay attention to how we feel after we eat, and what produces the best mood.

im loving all the union square purchases. produce heaven!!!

btw, i did some massaging last night...not a huge fan to be honest.

Lainie said...

I love your radventures! I don't know much about raw foodism, so I find them quite insightful. Good for you for being so in-tune with your body, too. oh, and I'm obsessed with the PB&J laras! They're the best.

Missy said...

I am the same way. I'll try to change up my breakfast or lunch but have this fear that I won't be as full as usual so I bring extra to work and end up eating it just because! Bad habit! I've been dying to try that Lara! I am past due for a trip to WF!

ttfn300 said...

it's such a mental game, isn't it? i am trying to get past that... i lurve me some fruit :) especially local! i want that pb&j bar...

Olga said...

Hmm, i love the connection between food and mood. I've definitely felt that food has affected me negatively in the past (junk), so I can see how eating wholesome and nutritious food can have the opposite effect. Good to know it's going well :)

melissa said...

Good luck on the new radventure! i can't wait to hear your reflections at the end of the week.

larabar looks hell yum