August 25, 2009

Nori Rolls + Outdoor Concert = Fun-Squared

After work this evening, I made my way uptown to Bryant Park to hear the boyf play a concert. I decided to pick up some deliciousness from Bonobo's for dinner en route and spied this at Madison Square Park:

Yeah, it's just a film set, but that structure in the middle says "Taj Ma Hot Dog." Words cannot describe how much I wish that were real. This punster's day was made right then and there. Alas, I do believe it's a fictional hot dog stand, but word on the street (via my friend, Amanda) is that it was for Ugly Betty! This is excellent news for me, since that's pretty much the only show left that I make an effort to watch.

Anyway, the concert. The boyf plays with the Columbia Summer Winds, and they closed their season tonight at Bryant Park. Being the dutiful Band-Aid that I am, I was very much in attendance, along with my grub for support and blood sugar stabilization. Tempting as it was to pick up a bottle of crack (aka Coconut Chai) at Bonobo's, I was determined to try something new, so Gingeraid it was.

This drink is made with fresh squeezed lemon/line, fresh grated ginger, agave and mineral water. Ten times better than regular old lemonade, in my opinion! Then again, I can never get enough ginger, so this was a safe bet for me.

The boyf paid me a visit at my little table pre-performance, and we contemplated the scenery a bit before he took up his post behind the bass drum.

I ripped open my dinner as soon as he was gone (not that I wasn't entirely focused on the music, which was fabulous). Behold one of the more prettier meals you've ever seen:

Note to self (and anyone considering a nori roll at Bonobo's): always have them make your nori roll fresh, as opposed to buying one of the premade ones from the fridge at the door--you'll get twice the salad!

And twice the fillings, from the look of it. I chose the macadamia nut pate as the base (flavored with sundried tomato and parsley) and had carrots, beets, zucchini, red peppers and purple cabbage as the fillings.

I nearly exploded with food baby, but it was worth it. I seriously dream of Bonobo's nori rolls, so I just had to take the opportunity to splurge tonight!

Back to the concert: I got to hear 1.5 hours' worth of concert band music, including fun stuff like a medley from South Pacific, An American in Paris and Stars and Stripes Forever. Nothing says summer like a Sousa march!

This concert was part of the Bryant Park After Work Celebration of Music, which is a series of performances each weekday at 6:00pm on the Fountain Terrace.

The setting was really pleasant, especially since we got some sun today. A welcome sight after so much rain lately!

Can you spot the boyf?

He looks very serious. I suppose outdoor concerts are a bit challenging for the performers, what with all the random breezes and ambient noises swirling around, but I had a ball.

No, seriously--I had a ball.

I have been lusting after these sweet treats at Bonobo's for a while, so I gave in tonight. I'm not sure what the ingredients are, but my guess is that the first two would be sesame seeds and agave. It had sort of a nut meal-ish texture and looked pretty much the same inside as it did outside. Dense, but delicious!

My sesame ball was the perfect way to round out a lovely evening in the park. I will stop with the ball jokes now. I didn't even make you endure a TWSS!

If you go to Bryant Park's website, you can find out about the goings-on remaining for the summer, but here are the other (FREE!) concerts happening this week:

Wednesday, August 26: Ethan Lipton & his Orchestra

Thursday, August 27: KJ Denhert

Friday, August 28 (12:30pm-2:00pm): Chuck MacKinnon Mactet

Friday, August 28 (6:00pm): El hotel

Just wanted to pass on some fun, free outdoor happenings!

In other happenings around the blogosphere (and, incidentally, the music scene), Katie's boyfriend's band, The Upwelling, released their first album today! Click here for details and a chance to win a copy. EDITED TO ADD: I won a CD! Must've been that good karma I spread here.

Lastly, do not click here for a chance to win a set of Physique 57 workout DVDs from Fitness NYC. They're mine.


Katrina said...

Want, sushi, now!

Rosey Rebecca said...

The Nori Rolls are so colorful!! Makes me want sushi and I don't even like sushi!

Shannon said...

what a great evening :)

Anonymous said...

You literally ordered the exact meal I had last time I was at Bonobo's! That Gingeraid is amazing!!! And those balls?! I don't even mind that they get all in my teethy business, they're so good.

Thanks so much for giving us a plug, little lady :-)

fitforfree said...

Beautiful noris . . . I must try Bonobo's soon!!

Love that the boyf plays in a concert band :-) Here's to band-director drummer boyfs.

Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

You are just gorgeous, and so are those nori rolls!

Dominique said...

Wow, those nori rolls are making me mega hungry. The last veggie roll I had was with rice paper, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, mushrooms and something else I can't remember but yours look way better! And way tastier!!

And here's a pun-y story for you: today is my half-birthday (well yesterday, the 25th) and since the BF and I celebrate our half-birthdays (first started as a joke), he got me a cake and card. The card was from the David Hasselhoff collection and inside it said "Happy Birthday" but BF decided to put his own spin on it by adding a "Hoff" before the "birthday" thereby making it "Happy Hoff-Birthday!"

Great isn't it? Well I think so. I couldn't stop laughing. We're big fans of puns--bad and good. (I'll try and scan and upload it to my blog if none of the above makes any sense.)

Lia said...

That roll looks AMAAAZZING! I need to find Bonobos when I get back tot he area. Sounds like a good time for sure!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

The nori jealous that in San Diego I cannot get anything even remotely close to that. It just isn't fair.

My guess on that little ball thing...tahini, agave, some sort of uber-finely ground nuts, and then rolled in sesame. I accidentally made something like that when I was trying to use up some tahini and added agave to it...and it seriously tripled in volume and got real dense. Just a wild guess from that little ball photo.

lesley said...

Yum! Those rolls look fabulous. And gingeraide? I would like to try that.

brandi said...

looks like the perfect night and perfect weather!

i think I need to try that gingerade and those nori rolls! so beautiful!

Diana said...

Dominique -

That's amazing. I'm only sorry I didn't think of it first, haha! I am definitely celebrating my Hoff-Birthday in October. It's official.


Dori said...

You are so funny!

Missy said...

What a fun night! Those Nori rolls look amazing! Another place to add to my list!!

Anonymous said...

those nori rolls look fantastic!!!

pd. thanks for your response! :)

K from ksgoodeats said...

Taj Ma Hot Dog - hah! That's so fun that your boyfriend plays with that band! Looks like a great evening :)

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww what a fun day!! So cool you might have been on the Ugly Betty set!!!

Those nori rolls look amazing!!! I want to go to a raw restaurant someday just to try them!

Gingeraid sounds interesting....not sure if I'd like that or not!!


Anonymous said...

Taj Mah Hot Dog?
I can't even believe it.
My brother decided he wanted to open an indian resto called "NAAN for you."
Oh yes he did!
Your nori looks splendid!

Ada said...

Aww you guys are so cute! Those nori rolls look incredible, I must hit up Bonobos ASAP:)

Erica said...

Wow- that is such a colorful dinner! And I want one of those balls (TWSS!). Nice meal with beautiful music in the background? What a great night :)

elise said...

i need bonobos in my tummy. NOW!

melissa said...

I think I got the exact same nori roll combo as you! they are dream worthy.

I can't believe i haven't been to a bryant park movie yet! where has my summer gone.

good luck winning the dvds!

Jenny said...

aw you're such a cute little groupie! your boyf is a lucky lad to have such a supportive girlfriend!

speaking of boyfs - i must find that gingeraid to buy for my red headed wonder!