August 8, 2009

New Lara Bars = Elusive No More

I'm currently enjoying a weekend in CT with the family and therefore pretty far from all things internetty, but I had to take a minute to share my review of one of Lara Bar's new flavors! I rode Metro North up to my parents' condo yesterday and packed the German Chocolate Cake flavor to have as a snack.

I liked it a lot, but then again, anything combining chocolate and coconut is probably going to be fine with me. I shared a bite with Mom, though (a true German), and she said that "it would take a lot of imagination" to think of this like German Chocolate Cake. Whatever--my imagination does in fact veer towards things like mushed up dates, nuts and chocolate, so I'm a happy camper.

At the beginning of my train ride, I gloried in the salad I'd packed while soaking up some more of The Omnivore's Dilemma.

You can't see much of the leftover massaged kale salad, but I combined that with an ear's worth of raw corn, plus cherry tomatoes and a sprinkling of wasabi peas. This might actually be one of the best salads I've ever had, if only for the rather skewed ratio of sweet, fresh corn to everything else. ;)

Off to absorb some more of the fibbity-fabulous lake view. Maybe I'll share that with you later...if you're lucky!


katherine said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time! Your salad looks delicious and I'm looking forward to testing out that Larabar flavor. I've never had legit german chocolate cake so it won't be too much of a stretch for me ;-)

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Larabar looks yum. About 3-4 days ago on my blog I posted about making homemade larabars. Basically dates, nuts, seeds, etc..and then at that point you can customize your flavors, i.e. chocolate chip, PB, almond butter, etc. The packaging sure looks appetizing on the new flavor, may have to break down and buy one. I'm cheap and make my own :)

Anonymous said...

I want to try that flavor!! The salad you made looks yummy!

Amanda (Panda) said...

That salad sounds absolutely delicious! And I'm with you on the Larabars, they are a good dessert substitute in my book. I can't wait to try the new flavors!

K from ksgoodeats said...

"It would take a lot of imagination" - hah, love your mom's review! I want to try that Lara! Well, after PBJ of course ;)

elise said...

haha...thats such a great response! my mom (or dad) would totally say something like that...i must find that flavor, now!