August 31, 2009


Observe this evening's dining companions and be duly jealous.

I got together with Sarah and Vani tonight for an intended dinner at Rawstar, Brooklyn's newest raw/vegan restaurant, but it had the nerve to be closed when we showed up on its doorstep. Oh, the humanity!

However, resourceful foodies that we are, we quickly rerouted to Flatbush Avenue, where we conveniently happened upon Dao Palate, a Pan-Asian vegan restaurant that opened up since my days living in the Park Slope area. Perhaps Rawstar being closed was a blessing in disguise because I really enjoyed my dinner!

We split the avocado, mountain yam, mango tartar(e?) with lime wasabi sauce to start.

Let's be honest: I would eat avocado off of cardboard, but this dish was actually really nice. It had a mixture of textures and flavors that went down a little too easily. :)

I was pleasantly surprised to find yet more avocado in my entree! I ordered the bibimbap, which is traditionally a Korean rice dish with all manner of things piled on top (questionable cuts of meat and eggs done not-to-my-liking come to mind). But veganized, I was all sorts of jazzed to try it so that I could eat with reckless abandon!

New textures and tastes are far easier for me to deal with when I know there are no animal bits and pieces involved. This dish was described as assorted vegetables bibimbap with soy bean paste & kimchee sauce.

That pretty much covers it!

The sauce it came with was super salty, but in that spicy, pickled vegetable kind of way. I dunno, it worked! I pretty much loved all the good things going on in this bowl, and the bed of brown rice beneath the veggies and seaweed gave the dish a nice stick-to-your-ribs quality that I can appreciate at the end of a poopy Monday.

Along with any good blogger meet-up comes the requisite portraits in all combinations. Vani took this picture of Sarah and me, but when I realized I looked like a sherpa, I demanded a re-do.

...And then posted it on my blog anyway. I didn't realize I'd been so huddled in the shawl! Fall has come early to Brooklyn. No complaints, though.

Much better. We sat right by the open doors/windows and the breeze/car exhaust was just lovely!

We were pretty full from dinner, but our group-obliging mentality pushed our take-it-or-leave-it opinion of the idea of dessert over to the must-have-now side of the line.

Uncle Louie G's is a Brooklyn-based purveyor of ice cream and Italian ices. Being somewhat of an ice cream snob, I have only ever gotten their ice cream in the past, which is quite good, I have to say. However, I've always been dubious about the whole Italian ice thing. Icy, slushy, corn-syrupy, artificially-fruit flavored stuff? Homey don't play like that. After seriously considering their menu of ice flavors, though, I was tempted to give it a shot. Sarah gave me a taste of her coconut ice and the deal was done.

Coconut ice upon peanut butter cookie dough ice. And that's a small! All for $2--the best bargain I've seen all day. Add to that the fact that my choice of ice over ice cream meant a dairy-free dessert (so far as I can tell) and my digestive system thanks me for it.

That's toot-sweet. ;)


emily said...

I am jealous!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Ive said it before and I'll say it again, you NY girls are sooo lucky with awesome raw food options. In So Cal, at least San Diego, there is not even a singular option. Vegan does not equal raw. It equals overly cooked chickpeas from a crockpot, at least 'round here. Anyway, the appetizer looks FABulous. That's my scene. And $2 bucks for coconut milk ice cream? You can't even make it that cheap at home...score!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, perfect recap, diana! mine should be up in, ohhhh, two weeks or so? bad blogger bad blogger bad blogger. i love all our photo combinations and am particularly fond on my super 4th grade rest-head-on-fist pose in the one with all three of us, haaa. not awkward or anything.

see you soon for rawstar!

Anonymous said...

oh..... you had the chance to meet Sarah, isn't she fabulous??? hahhaa..... I love her!
nice raw/vegan place, I like how they veganize the korean dish (my favorite one) with avocado! :)

VeggieGirl said...

Love the name of your Korean dish!



fitforfree said...

Love the recap and pics, sherpa dear . . . I did some research, and it seems Rawstar is open Tues-Sat, so we'll plan accordingly!

ea0753 said...

MMMM everything looks super delish! glad you enjoyed :)

brandi said...

what a fun dinner and great company :)

i wish we had those flavors of italian ice! that sounds great.

Gina said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! You know, I've heard some things about goat's milk/cheese but I have not really looked into it like I should. You have inspired me to do so, as I should learn about Goat's milk and cheese if I want to be a good RD! I will include it in a post soon. Thanks!

K from ksgoodeats said...

Fall has come early in MI as well but, like you, I don't mind it one bit :)

Your dish from that restaurant is so colorful! PB Cookie Dough!? Now we're talking!

Missy said...

Yum your avocado appetizer looks amazing! And so does the peanut butter cookie dough of course!! Fun bloggy meetup!

Shannon said...

i think i'm with you--i'm much more willing to try new things when it's just fruits or vegetables :) dessert looks fabulous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun bloggy dinner! I want to try that raw place in Brooklyn... when it's open. The other place looks pretty fab, though, and Uncle Louie's looks like HEAVEN! I need to cross the bridge soon.

Jenny said...

aha personally I think you are a gorg. sherpa :) love that shawl by the way... you are too chic.

Jenny said...

p.s. i ain't too proud to admit i totes just looked up what a "sherpa" was.

elise said...

i 100% agree, i could eat avocado off my work shoes (including lord knows what bodily fluids), bc i just heart avo THAT much...but, i have no doubt that corn mango yam whatever concoction was divine!

good company too :)

way to go balls to the wall for dessert. id have a hard time saying no to that cheap of a treat, either.