August 2, 2009

Beam Green's Newest Member: Me!

This post is way overdue, but I attended my second Beam Green event a couple weeks ago (July 22) and promised myself I would give it some air time on the blog. You see, I'm Beam Green's newest member! I really believe in the organization's cause (the Green Baby Movement), love the things I've learned at the past two meetings (read about my first here) and most of all, I love surrounding myself with these ladies.

To be among like-minded people is one of the best feelings in the world, so I have to pay great respect to Beam Green's founder, Mary Boehmer. (Advance apologies for poor photos from the meeting.)

Month after month, she manages to bring together the greatest minds in nutrition, well-being and environmentalism. In just two meetings I have learned so much that I felt compelled to take notes. Listening to Mary and all her guests speak, the urge to preserve the knowledge being offered to me has been overwhelming. I love it. Mary encourages a plant-based, eco-friendly lifestyle that speaks to me on such a basic level that I leave Beam Green meetings with a feeling of having just discovered the key to how I am meant to exist. Moreover, I've discovered a whole community of people who want to exist that way, too! That's deep, people!

Please note that you needn't be a New Yorker to join Beam Green. Each meeting is available via live webcast and well worth the $20 membership fee each month, wherever you may be. I guarantee it, for whatever my guarantee is worth. (An eggplant?)

At July's meeting, we heard from Jared Koch, co-author of Clean Plates NYC, the Green Depot and Greengrass Life, an organic wheatgrass service. For a fun and very detailed play-by-play of the whole meeting, please read my friend Dori's post about her first Beam Green experience. I was so glad she was able to come!

I also got to see Danielle again--we'd met at Candle 79 when a bunch of us bloggers had dinner with VeggieGirl in June. It was nice to be able to chat some more this time since there were so many of us at that dinner. It was also nice to watch her do a wheatgrass shot before I did so that I'd have fair warning in case it was horrible! Thanks for taking one for the team, Danielle. :)

Luckily, she said it wasn't bad at all, and I can confirm that! Greengrass Life's wheatgrass is grown with love and truly sweeter than any wheatgrass I've ever had. Not that I have so much experience with it, but if I was ever to make it a habit, it'd be Greengrass Life or nothin'.

Here is a shot of Jared Koch, the nutritionist who co-wrote Clean Plates NYC:

The book is a directory of Manhattan restaurants that serve food made with high-quality ingredients and prepared using responsible, healthy techniques. This tiny volume is money in the bank! (Especially since my copy is signed!) Not that I need any more weight in my big-arse purse, but for just a couple extra ounces, I can wander New York with the confidence that I'm never more than a few blocks from a restaurant that will make me a delicious, healthy meal. Jared and his food critic co-author, Alex van Buren, have painstakingly reviewed countless restaurants to compile this directory of 75 places to grab a tasty and nutritious bite.

Restaurants that made the cut include everything from the familiar Chipotle to the high end Blue Hill, which I have in fact had the pleasure of experiencing, though at their farm location near Tarrytown. Not a meal I will soon forget!

And as if you need another reason to check out Beam Green, our own Gena (below, left) is Beam Green's resident health counselor, and one of my favorite like-minded ladies to spend time with. Bonus points!

Do give a thought to trying out a Beam Green meeting. If you're reading my blog in the first place, chances are you would find Beam Green extremely relevant. For any New York area readers, I have a few free passes, so please feel free to shoot me an email and you can attend your first meeting on me! If nothing else, be prepared to make a few new friends at Beam Green. If not, I'll buy you an eggplant.


VeggieGirl said...

Fabulous recap!! I hope to attend a Beam Green event when I come back to NYC, since I keep missing them :(

Jenny said...

I've never heard of Beam Green -- sounds right up your alley though, girl! thanks for the recap :)

HangryPants said...

That is so awesome! I loved my Beam Green experience when I went. It really affected me for several weeks. Actually, I still think about it now. I hope I can make it to another meeting soon.

Marina said...

Hi Diana! That event looked like fun. Glad you were able to meet up with Danielle again. I recently met up with VeggieGirl again too!

Dori said...

Great post! So glad you joined. Give me one more meeting and I'll probably be a member, too. :)

Gena (Choosing Raw) said...

HOOOOOOORAY for joining! I am so glad you're part of the community (in an official way) and loved being at both meetings with you :)

Missy said...

These meetins sound great! I really wanted to go to the last one but I was in CT so hopefully the next one!

Erica said...

VERY cool- sounds like such an amazing group.

elise said...

i want to go, too. i keep looking at the schedules and i always have something already planned. maybe september will be my month. ill let you know!