July 11, 2009

Veg Head

I took a picture of my lunch at Cafe Rio earlier but lost it somehow. The point is that after this monster burrito of beans and cheese, I was ready for some serious vegetables. For our last supper in Vegas, the boyf's parents took us to the M Resort, which is a casino and hotel southeast of the Strip. After a tour of the premises, we had dinner upstairs at Veloce Ciba, overlooking the Strip in the distance. The menu is really interesting: the left side is all sushi and the right side is sharing plates, entrees and sides. I started with the M Roll, which was maki filled with black mushroom, avocado and cucumber. And for my entree, I gorged on veggies only. I dove in so quick that the only picture I have of the whole meal is my half-eaten spread of veggie sides, but from left to right I had sauteed eggplant, snap peas (with garlic and ginger) and herbed mushrooms. Amazing, and exactly what I wanted, if a bit of a strange choice for an entree. Hey, a woman is entitled to her vegetables, and the selection was too good to pass up, even in the face of many incredible sounding large dishes! Call me crazy, I don't care. Actually, just call me a health blogger - that's just as true.

Home to New York in the morning - here's hoping for a smoother trip back!