July 30, 2009

Taste the Rainbow!

The roomie and I have been meaning to discuss Anita Diamant's The Red Tent for months, no joke. We read it for a book club meeting that ended up cancelled, but we both loved it so much that we wanted to make sure it didn't fall under the radar!

After weeks of conflicting schedules, this, that and the other thing, we managed to converge under our own roof to dine on farmer's market fare and discuss the book.

And discuss we did...for maybe five minutes. We realized our recall was pretty poor because it had been so long since we read the book, but oh well, it's the thought (and the food) that counts!

I raided the farmer's market this week in order to put together this vegetarian feast. You'd better believe that I am one happy girl now that eggplant is coming into season! I used the purple and white stripey kind in our paninis, which I sliced thin on our mandolin along with a tiny yellow squash. I grilled the vegetables in nothing more than a tiny spritz of olive oil, because I had big plans to slather both slices of each sandwich's Rudi's Organic Colorado Wheat Bread with pesto and add a layer of goat jack cheese before throwing the sandwiches onto the panini press!

I don't have food porn for you on par with last night's--the light wasn't so much workin' with me this time--but the meal managed to taste even better than it looked! You'll just have to take my word for it. :)

We had a lil raw side dish, mostly so I had another excuse to use all the colorful organic produce I've been suckeredintoImeanaccumulating lately. My last few cherry tomatoes plus an avocado obviously turned into guacamole, but what's the secret ingredient in there? Roomie was stumped.

We had downed most of it wrapped in chard leaves and on carrot sticks before I put her out of her misery. It's juice pulp! The Frugal Fanny in me just can't let so much produce bulk go to waste, so I've been freezing all my pulp immediately after juicing. Thanks to the pulp, the guac had some extra greens in there, along with hints of lemon, apple, carrot and even a little ginger. I shook in some dried cilantro, lime juice and sea salt, and we were in business!

But check out the cross section of the panini--this picture doesn't do it justice, but seriously, I will dream about this sandwich until I can make it again. Where has goat jack been all my life?!

And let us not neglect the fact that roomie totally came through with a bombin' dessert. When you live in New York City and are surrounded by Italian bakeries, sometimes fruit tarts and mini cannolis must happen.

And here I shall heave a contented sigh of happy and healthy things in my belly.

Now let's get real: who's out there watching SYTYCD? Besides me, that is. And who is happy with tonight's results?? Besides me, that is. :) My little Evan puddin' face has survived to the finale and I am happy with any of those final four winning, totes McGotes.


katherine said...

I adore Evan! He's so cute I just want to pinch his little cheeks!

Dori said...

LOVE The Red Tent! And that sandwich is making me salivate! I haven't been able to find goat jack, I need to look again. I love Rudi's bread, I get their spelt tortillas which are so great!

Gena (Choosing Raw) said...

I love putting leftover or extra greens in my guac!

Anonymous said...

I love making meals from fresh Farmer's Market finds! Yum!

Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

How did the pulp guac taste, though?

Anonymous said...

Two things for you my dear:

1) Fruit tarts and cannolis are welcome any day! Especially if they look as authentic and delicious as the ones you have pictured. YUM.

2) So You Think You Can Dance (I am singing the theme song in my head as I type this haha) is AWESOME! AND AMEN to Evan--he is super cute and so innocent looking.

Fitnessista said...

I LOVE SYTYCD! i thought evan was going to be out but was so thrilled when they kept him :D
that gauc stole my heart!
have a happy friday!

Missy said...

Your panini looks great! Love that book too! Man I need a trip to the farmer's market asap!

K from ksgoodeats said...

What a fantastic panini! That dinner looks restaurant quality - I'm in love :)

elise said...

ok, since you are keen on the eggplant, ill look to you this fall for recipes. i dont think i cook them long enough or something when i make them on their own...that or i need to pound the bitterness out of them first...who knows.

glad to know the food dominated the mini book club meeting

Erica said...

Love SYTYCD!!! This dinner looks out of this world. I love the freshness in all the ingredients. JUST fabulous ;)

Ada said...

I read the Red Tent and absolutely loved it! It was SUCH a good book:) If you liked the Red Tent, you should totally read The Help, which happens to be my new favorite book!

She-Fit said...

The food networks Ace of Cakes were giving away mini cannolis the other day on TV. I was really wanting to try one ! ! ! It looks delicious

Anonymous said...

i'm so excited you found a way to use the pulp!!! you're such a smarty -- putting it in guac is brilliant.
and yay for cannolis and fruit tarts, my top two fancy bakery selections, mmmmmmm.
i watched sytycd for the first time this season earlier in the week -- that evan is ADORABLE
(and i loved the red tent, but i wouldn't remember enough to be able to discuss it, either! books/movies/etc never hang around for too long in my memory once they're done.)

Anonymous said...

The Red Tent is my favorite book! I read it several years ago and still go back to it.

I'm a little upset Janette got voted off a couple of weeks ago. :(