July 8, 2009

Making progress

Well, we've made it as far as Chicago, so I think that's a good sign! Boyf made a beeline for Potbelly's sandwich shop when we landed - I've never heard of it but apparently it's famous round these here parts. I had a bite of his PB&J and it was indeed tasty, but I stuck to my fruit and ginormous pickle. Hey, I can think of weirder things to eat midmorning. Doesn't it count towards my produce quota for the day? :)

Off to Vegas!


brandi said...

i love the airport shot :) pickles + fruit definitely count!

glad you at least made it to Chicago! i hope the rest of the traveling goes well!

katherine said...

Hope you had a nice chat with the Blues Brothers ;-)

Glad you're on your way!!


fingers crossed!

Jenny said...

glad to see you made some friends, the one in the middle is kind of cute, is he single??


safe travels girl!

healthy ashley said...

How much fun!!

Enjoy yourself! I can't wait to see more photos :)

Steph Runs the City said...

glad you're having fun in vegas! potbelly's is fantastic- i miss it since there aren't any in nyc, but at school i LOVED it!