July 17, 2009

I'm a Potter Head

I saw the new Harry Potter movie with the boyf and the roomie tonight. I liked it! They left out a ton of stuff from the book, but still lots of fun, says me.

For dinner beforehand, we stopped into Press, which is a wrap shop that makes each tortilla fresh for your sandwich using a high pressure thingie. (That's the technical term.) Of course, it being a sandwich shop, I ordered a salad. :) I couldn't decide between the two vegetarian options, so I got both! My salad was topped with eggplant + goat cheese as well as zucchini + mushrooms. I had my whole wheat tortilla on the side, and after all of that, I didn't even need the dressing! It would have almost insulted my delicious grilled veggies. I recommend Press to anyone looking for a healthy option in the Gramercy/Kips Bay neighborhood!


Mama Bear June said...

That sounds very delicious! Great job on making healthy choices.
Path to Health

Gena (Choosing Raw) said...

Good to know about Press!

Hi :)

emily said...

I'm putting Press on my "to do before the move" list, your salad looks that good! I still need to go to Bonobos too, maybe we could meet for a juice at some point if you are free.

Jenny said...

a potter head ;) you are one clever chick!

Jenn said...

Yum, that looks soooo good. NYC's got the best food, hands down.
Love your pics in Nevada, too!