July 28, 2009

Extend-o My Bento

Sunday night, I had the boyf over for dinner and a movie. And by "dinner and a movie," I mean take-out and Netflix. Tenda Asian Bistro and The Wrestler, to be precise. Mickey Rourke may be one of the most busted-looking human beings alive these days, but man, did his character break my heart!

But enough about human emotion and all that junk; what we really want to discuss here is what we ate. I have been wanting to try Tenda's combination bento meals for a while now, so I was very excited when dear boyf brought me this:

A glorious spread of vegetarian bento goodness! In huge amounts, no less! There were stir-fried veggies, an avocado-cucumber roll, vegetable tempura, steamed veggie gyoza and seaweed salad. I finished everything you see above, except for four pieces of the maki--and not without some effort!

The reason I mention this is that I'd been thinking $15 was a bit pricey for one take-out meal, even in Brooklyn (the boyf's be-meated bento was $18, for that matter). What I didn't know at the time was that this one meal would feed me three more times! How so, you ask? Let me introduce you to what is absent from the picture above: the accoutrements I couldn't even entertain the idea of eating all at once.

Turns out they throw in a little fruit for dessert when you order two bentos. It was a little sad looking, so we ignored it during dinner, but that doesn't mean it wasn't fabulous in a juice! And we all know by now how much I love my juicer.

This morning I juiced the complimentary half-orange, honeydew & pineapple cubes, a head of romaine and five carrots.

It got a little messy, but that was my bad for using the sho'tie Amazing Glass. Which is incidentally made of plastic. Please excuse the blurry 6:00am photograph, but hey, I hadn't had my juice yet!

(Sarah, I trust you are way proud of my leftovers usage by now. But wait, it gets better!)

Also included with the bento meal were miso soup, brown rice and a small salad. Seriously, I'm supposed to eat all this along with that box of madness? Biznatch, please. That's Tuesday's lunch. Actually, I take it back--that's Tuesday's AND Thursday's lunches--boyf gave me his, too. :)

I'm a one-dish meal kind of girl most days, and that instinct got the better of me when I pulled these leftovers out for lunch at the office today. I just dumped half of the rice into the soup, warmed it up and served it with the salad as toppings.

Weird? No, you just wish you thought of it. But hey, stop by Union Square tomorrow and I might just share. After all, I did manage to run in to both VeggieGirl and Gena today. Not planned, and not at the same time, either! I guess that's just what it's like to live at the center of the universe.


Anonymous said...

I love getting take out from Asian places because they give you enough food to feed a small army!!

melissa said...

that looks like an awesome box! I just may head to US during my lunch hour tomorrow. It will be quite serendipitious if I run into you, or Gena or VG!

Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

I'm guessing boyf bought, so you totally scored on that one! I'm glad you didn't juice your soup.

elise said...

gena AND VG, wow. i was in union sqaure walking home from work today...how weird would THAT have been :)

your leftover usage is astounding...you win hippie of the week award.

i take it you recommend the wrestler then?

ChickPea said...

Fab bento--looks amazing!
I like the looks of your juice--it has a tie dye effect, no?

katherine said...

That's it. I'm getting a bento box tonight. You've made the decision for me. I love your leftovers ideas too!!

Diana said...

Yes, I do recommend The Wrestler! Not a happy one, but I thought it was totally touching. :)

Erica said...

WOW! What a fun bento box and very fun that ya'll got such great sides with it too! Totally worth the $15! I haven't seen that movie, maybe we'll throw it in our Netflix

Anonymous said...

Haha so cool that you ran into BOTH of those blog celebs!!!

And I really hope you like Wild Bars!! they are definitely different, but if you are juicing and eating crazy raw blog food and veggies, I bet you will enjoy them. LET ME KNOW!

Bento boxes are the best invention ever!!!!!


Missy said...

Bento boxes are my favorite! They are so good but I do manage to make themn last 2 meals! So fun running into all the bloggies!

LAF said...

Who you callin' Biznatch, Biznatch?!
Love your blog!

K from ksgoodeats said...

Mickey Rourke in general just breaks my heart!

That bento is the gift that keeps on giving! Sounds tasty! How funny that you guys ran into each other - small world ;)

lesley said...

wonderfully delicious looking spread!!!

Jenny said...

oh god you don't even wanna know how much i bawled my eyes out during the wrestler! I don't know about you but i was not a fan of the ending -- i needed closure!

Amelia (AC/DC: Highways to Health) said...

Hahah love this post! Much respect for your resourcefulness with the takeout!