June 12, 2009

Raw Satisfaction; Indian Blogger Dinner!

First things first: you guys are SLAYING me with your additions to the "You might be a health blogger" list. You have no idea how hard it is to keep a straight face when you're reading the comments coming in while sitting in a very small office all day! Keep it coming - you have until June 18 to be entered in the Soap & Chocolate giveaway!

Anyway, TGIF, eh? Or TGIWeekend, more likely, by the time you read this. I have a bunch of randomness for you tonight, but since it's harder to get to the blogosphere over the weekend, I am posting now, while I have a few minutes, rather than let this build up for a couple days (while the other ladies from dinner tonight post their recaps and make mine old news ;) ).

But before I get to tonight's dinner, let us not forget last night's dinner, which made for a glorious Radventure. Gena's guacamole is popular, and for good reason - that's why I made a triple batch! Sadly, this was the last of it:

Dinner was a raw version of stuffed peppers. I used the remaining guacamole mixed with some zucchini "noodles" to fill a red pepper split in half. Not a super-ambitious departure from the other raw meals I've made with the guac this week, but sometimes it's all about the delivery, you know? Calling these "stuffed peppers" made it seem totally new and exciting, and I was perfectly full after eating them. Sometimes it feels good to end the day on a lighter note, especially when my appetite had been at a low ebb that day anyway. Finger food sounded just about right by dinnertime. Guac on my nose, that's how I like it.

Tonight's dinner was, how shall I say...not so light. But in the most delicious way. Lucky for me, I had a Summer Friday today and was off the hook at 2pm, so I decided to put on my efficiency pants and charge home to do the laundry and clean the bathroom. First, I had to put some gas in the tank:

...which incidentally causes no gas of the stinky variety whatsoever. I made a smoothie using Amazing Grass's Chocolate Amazing Meal, which I blended with unsweetened chocolate almond milk and 6 ice cubes. Definitely tastes "healthy," but with the almond milk taste that I love so dearly, this could satisfy my chocolate shake craving (not that I get those often...) any time. And secretly you get a major dose of veggies in there! Bonus points!

I also got a visit from the UPS man, who dropped these on my doorstep:

Are you so wicked jeals yet? Check out those flavor combos (and pretty wrappers)! I have been DYING to try PROBARS forevah, so I'm mad excited to have these (thank you, Kendall!). Plus it says right on the box they came in that they're vegan and contain a high percentage of raw ingredients. Bonus points! I'm all for less junk in the gunk.

ANYbar, on to the moment we've been waiting for all week: dinner at Milon with my Brooklyn blogger bunch! (Vani, Emily, Sarah and Olga.) This is a tiny East Village Indian eatery tucked into the second floor of what I can only describe as quite the chunk of similar-looking restaurants. The interior, though "cozy," is QUITE festive.

It's pretty much everyone's birthday, every day. No, seriously. On their card, it says, "BIRTHDAY CELEBRATED HERE." (It also says, "Gardenlike View." Um...) More on that in a mo'.

Of course, we begin with pappadums and chutney.

I ordered the Vegetarian Dinner for One, which comes with a bit of everything - my favorite way to sample a menu! Lucky for me, most Indian restaurants seem to feature a similar option on their menu. My appetizer was a samosa and a pakora.

Along with a soup, which I hesitate to name because I'm not positive it was mulligatawney. Let us call it lentilly-tomatoey hooey gooey for now.

Can you see the festive lights reflected in the soup? Maybe I should call it "Fireworks Soup" instead!

My entree was what they called Kufta Madras, which are vegetable dumplings in a tomato sauce with onions and green pepper. When I described it to my (Indian) roomie later, she said the dumplings were likely made of chickpea flour. That would indeed explain the scrumptrilescence.

Here we have it all together with the naan and brown rice...

Pretty much my dream dinner!

Ok so about the birthday celebrating at this establishment, after our plates were cleared, the lights dimmed and the disco ball started flashing. Out came platters of mango ice cream with a candle in one dish for Sarah! All the while there was a Bollywood-style birthday song pumping out of the speakers. Another nearby table got the birthday treatment as well.

I'm finding it hard not to overuse the word "festive" while writing about this dinner! I keep giggling to myself, thinking of the decor and the waiters who want to be your best friend and the fabled "Gardenlike View"...

Pretty ladies, left to right: Vani, Emily, Sarah and Olga.

...Plus a random gondolier below right:

I'm having a rockin' weekend and it ain't even Saturday yet! I have a happy, full belly right now, so I'd say it's about time for some elastic-waisted somethingorothers and relaxation. I am SO ok with calling it a night after a quality dinner like that. :)

Have a great weekend!


Olga said...

yay! It was great to meet you! :)

The garden-like view is just breathtaking...hhaha

Anonymous said...

stock's up on indian food recaps tonight :-P can't wait for our next outing!!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

aaawww...dinner looks so fun! I'm so jealous of your get together!

Wanna know something silly? I checked back on the list like 3 times just to read all the comments because they were so hilarious! Every blog I read has now linked back to your list - your like an instant celebrity!!

Anonymous said...

That dinner looks SOOO good! I really want to try Indian food now.

Thanks for opening my eyes!

ALSO, I love your blog and have been following it for a while. You are awesome, girl!

Katrina said...

Indian food is the BEST!!!!!!

Brandi said...

i want one of those shaker cups! the probars all sound awesome, and your indian dinner blogger party looks like so much fun!

what a great start to the weekend!

K from ksgoodeats said...

I still haven't had REAL Indian food! I'm missing out because it looks amazing :)

Jenny said...

so jealous of your dateski! I want in on that blogger meet up/indian food action ASAP!

ChickPea said...

So jealous that you get to hang out with fellow food bloggers! Come visit me in Birmingham!
Cute shaker cup!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love international cuisine, and that meal looks insanely delicious! Boy I sure wish there were some foodie bloggers living around me!

So awesome how quick your list exploded! Glad to here it!

Meredith (Pursuing Balance) said...

Those stuffed peppers look yum!

Melissa (fitnessnyc) said...

you guys are so cute!