June 8, 2009

Nothing Like a Home-(un)cooked Meal

After yesterday's lunch with Natalia, we walked over to the Union Square Whole Foods, where I bought the ingredients for a raw dinner - my first home-(un)cooked attempt! I was very excited as I plopped more and more organic produce into my basket.

Lucky for me, Gena's blog is pretty much one-stop shopping in terms of meal ideas for raw newbies. It took me all of 0.5 seconds to decide that her guacamole would need to be the star of my first homemade raw meal.

I used my much-neglected mandoline slicer to make zucchini "pasta" to serve as the vehicle for this formidable and effing delicious guacamole. Mandoline, I shall neglect you no more! Who needs a spiralizer? I'd say the noodles turned out right nice.

I followed Gena's recipe to the T, apart from the cilantro - I didn't see any fresh cilantro during my Whole Foods trip and was too lazy to seek it out in another store. I added a hearty sprinkle of dried cilantro instead. So sue me. I also tripled the batch! There are a few office lunches to be had here, so I bought some organic salad greens for that purpose in addition to the zucchini, which I worried wouldn't hold up if I couldn't eat it right after slicing.

As a side dish, I had a little bowl of my gazpacho. It has been too long since I made this. Such a delicious summertime treat! I did a little experimental tweak to my recipe this time and it came out very nicely indeed.

The recipe is staying under wraps for the moment, as it may be destined for places other than this blog, but should that fall through, I'll be sure to put it up here. It's not to be missed!

That said, I couldn't even finish my dinner. I think this is fascinating! With any of my usual eats on the plate, I never fail to finish every bite, and probably mindlessly at that. But the sheer volume of this meal filled me up so quickly that I couldn't help but put my fork down. I'm still not sure why this happened - I eat plenty of volume at most meals when I'm hungry enough, but with this meal my attention went right to how full my belly was despite the fact that I wanted to finish it off. Something to remember for next time!

I went to a free two-hour Gyrokinesis workshop at Kinespirit this evening, so knowing that dinner wouldn't be happening until near 10pm, I couldn't resist the temptation to try Bonobo's Coconut Chai as a snack. I had to be near Madison Park anyway!

Bonobo's is a vegetarian salad bar, though that sounds like a redundant description. Actually, from my short browse through, I daresay most of their offerings are raw and vegan as well. I read on their website that they don't even heat their soups above 118 degrees, and that's only on request. They have a lot of things like nut pates and drinks made from organic coconut meat, such as the Coconut Chai.

This is yet another treat I read about on Gena's blog, so since it was convenient to where I had to be tonight, I figured I'd have the drink as a snacky little Radventure to tide me over until dinner. And HOT DAMN was it ever good! It's made of just coconut, agave and chai spices, but the effect on the tongue is equivalent to whatever it is you picture as the most decadent dessert. I guess it's a good thing it's a little pricey ($4.95/12 oz), because otherwise I'd be chugging this like it was going out of style.

Anyway, that's it from me tonight - it's already late since I was at Kinespirit for so long. We had a great, in-depth introduction to Gyrokinesis and I really got to know the movements well, including a lot of the tiny subtleties that the instructors can't correct during a normal class. What I have enjoyed most about my now two experiences with Gyrokinesis is the awesome floaty feeling you get from these fluid motions which flow from one set to the next. Once you stop, it's like you can feel every organ in your body all together, relaxed and yet extremely well-assembled. That sounds really weird, but it's the best I can do as sort of a stream of consciousness description.

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Elina said...

Thanks for linking back to my Holey Donuts giveaway :) I need to find that Coconut Chai - it looks incredible!!

Dori said...

Pictures aren't showing up here today -- grrr! But your food sounds amazing so I am sure it looks that way too. I am so proud of you for doing all this great raw stuff. And I wish I knew about that Kinespirit workshop! That is so cool!

healthy ashley said...

I want that coconut chai!!!

And your amazing raw meal just convinced me that I need to finally look more into this whole raw deal. I am totally going to have that meal in my belly soon!

Gena (Choosing Raw) said...


I am so happy you like the guac!

And there is a reason you feel so full, darlin.' Your body is getting a heaping helping of serious nutrition: SO many vitamins and minerals in one meal. All veggie meals deliver more nutrition than you're used to: a traditional plate delivers vitamins (mostly from veggies) and then a lot of bulk + protein from meat or grain sources. The reason you feel light, yet full, when you eat all veg is that you're getting about twice as many nutrients as usual in one sitting! Without some of the "heavier" components that usually take up space on the plate.

Glad you enjoyed :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha my zucchini pasta is a JOKE compared to yours!!! beautiful beautiful!!! and i need to get to makin some homemade guac asap!!!

happy TUESDAY Diana!!!!!!

p.s. coconut chai?! whatttttt. i used to live off of chai tea in HS! and still love ittt, should find some!!!

Olga said...

One of my friends went to that last night! I was going to beat him to get the details, but you've gave some great info :)

Mmmm...avocado is anything is AMAZING

Dori said...

Okay pics are working. Your guac and "noodles" look SO GREAT! And I NEED to try that coconut chai. Need! I worked down the street from Bonobo for YEARS and never got anything there, silly me!

Leslie Elizabeth said...

that looks really good! great pictures!

Libre loose leaf tea on the go giveaway on my blog if you are interested - :)


K from ksgoodeats said...

Places other than this blog?! Hmmm....!! Can't wait to find out ;)

That guacamole sounds really good! I love your "vegetarian salad bar" comment!