June 14, 2009

My Namesake in the Dallas Art Museum

This is the coolest thing I learned all week:

A couple days ago, Katie (of Chocolate-Covered fame) emails me, saying she has figured out the meaning of my blog's name. Turns out she was at the Dallas Museum of Art this week and found this pair of busts sculpted from, you guessed it, soap and chocolate.

What are the chances??? I swear to Bob, I had no idea this even existed. Truth be told, the blog's name is a mysterious reference to my last name. I came up with it before this was ever a food blog, but decided to keep it once I added the corresponding tag line, since I thought it was appropriate to my lifestyle. Anyway, I thought it was worth sharing, just for fun. :)

You know what else is fun? California Pizza Kitchen. The boyf and I had lunch there and I tried a pizza which is now my favorite. Not that that means much, considering I've been to CPK all of three times and only ordered pizza twice. I had the Vegetarian with Japanese Eggplant on the wheat crust, with goat cheese but without onions. Perfection.


The pizza in the background would be the boyf's Chipotle Chicken Pizza, which I had a bite of and liked, though generally I shudder at the thought of mixing ethnic cuisines where pizza is concerned. I'm a pizza traditionalist, I guess - even the broccoli was a stretch for me. Where do you fall on the pizza spectrum - traditional or adventurous? Do you have favorite pizza at CPK?

Anyhoo, I'm now closing in on the end of The Raw Food Detox Diet. I have yet to read the section I'm most looking forward to, which deals with how to handle raw foodism in real life scenarios. So far, I appreciate her approach to the detoxification process she is promoting, which tailors to your current lifestyle and transitions you gradually towards a diet higher in raw foods, not with a goal of 100% raw at the end of the line. Basically, you take what you want from her method and leave behind what doesn't work for you, so long as you are achieving results (presumably weight loss, in this book's case).

On the other hand, her recommendation of colonics and/or enemas to aid in the detoxifaction process will no doubt shock (or at least intimidate) those of us following mainstream eating patterns. Colonics are classified under "extreme weight loss" procedures in my mind, though I will be the first to admit that assumption is indeed an uneducated one. I associate colonics with Hollywood starlets looking to evacuate as much from their body as possible leading up to a walk down the red carpet. That said, I don't know how to decide if colonic therapy has a place in my normal-girl life, but I think the answer for now would be no, at least until I learn more about it. I tend to guard my butt pretty closely - that goes for would-be subway gropers AND doctors, thankyouverymuch. So.

Don't miss your chance to enter my Soap & Chocolate giveaway! You have until June 18 to leave your addition to the "You might be a health blogger" list. At least read it and its comments for a good laugh - the blogosphere has a great sense of humor! Check it out to chase away those Monday blues. :)


jane said...

that is so interesting about the soap and chocolate displays in the dallas museum! who would have thought?

i like to put all kinds of stuff on pizza, but i usually stay traditional in using a marinara/tomato sauce as the base. i'd like to experiment with that though- this one Mediterranean restaurant i know of has a pizza with baba ganouj as the base, and its delicious!

i like that perspective of the author that the end goal isn't necessarily 100% raw- it's just to improve your health in whatever ways work with your life and ideal diet.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I love me some California Pizza Kitchen! You know what would be awesome? Getting locked in the restaurant overnight. All the pizza I could eat! YUMMY! Ok, that would probably give me the biggest tummy ache ever but it's a dream, and there are no tummy aches in dreams. Well, this one anyways.

fitforfree said...

Love the soap and chocolate sighting! I once had chocolate-scented soap . . . yum, miss that!

I like my pizza to be fairly adventurous . . . my favorite topping is pineapple!

emiy said...

That is too funny about the museum, you need to visit someday! I love CPK - my favorite is the Thai pizza.

ChickPea said...

I am totally an adventurous pizza girl--I couldn't care less about having cheese on it, but I live for pizzas with tofu, BBQ, or BOTH!

Gena (Choosing Raw) said...

Hey D!

I definitely would have to disagree about colonics (I think Natalia is sometimes unfair about the frequency she recommends, but not the practice itself), but really appreciate your thoughts on the book! As you know, she's both a teacher and also someone with whom I disagree sometimes :)

I just did a post answering the juicing vs. blending question! Thanks for inspiring me !!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Hahaha I still can't believe you named your blog and didn't know about these statues. Hmmm... maybe it was the other way around and the lady who made the statues was inspired by your blog ;)

Thanks for the shout-out!

Brandi said...

that's so funny about the busts!

i have never been to a CPK, but I love trying not-so-normal things on my pizza

Dori said...

I've only been to CPK once (despite living around the corner from it!) and got a salad! If I were to go back I'd get the exact goat cheese pizza you got, YUM!

I've started getting colonics recently and can't tell you how much better I feel. I don't weigh ANY less, so I wouldn't call it a weight loss method. But it definitely helps you feel overall less sluggish and more energized.

K from ksgoodeats said...

That's so cool about the sculptures!

CPK - I used to get their BLT pizza BUT I don't eat pizza any more (I just don't find it appealing) so I get the roasted veggie salad and it rocks my face off!

Missy said...

So funny about the museum! I must head to CPK now!! It's been years!! I need your goat cheese pizza thanks!

Anonymous said...

i loooooooooove the cpk goat cheese pizza, but i do mine with the caramelized onions. yummmmmm!

i love the soap and choc busts!! and i never made the soap and choc connection with your last name. how slow am i?!

Anonymous said...

hmm the enema thing...definitely will be interesting to see which way you go! CPK is very delish

Mama Bear June said...

Pizza - I'm not a traditionalist because I really don't care for red sauce. I love white sauce, or a crust just brushed with olive oil. Never been to CPK!

Colonics - I wouldn't do this as a weight loss technique. But sometimes there are physiological reasons to do it. After 3 colonoscopies and a barium enema, it was discovered that I have a very long, tortuous colon. So elimination is a, ummmm, challenge. (I know, TMI!) My chiropractor mentioned colonics, but after researching it online, not so sure I want to go that route. :-P
Path to Health

Erica said...

hahahha- that is crazy! The sculptures are really cool too! mmm cpk food is awesome! I am usually somewhat lame with pizza toppings- I like just a little cheese, a lot of sauce, and a lot of veggies ;)

ttfn300 said...

hmm, never been to cpk! and i don't even know what a colonic or enema is...