June 1, 2009

Huevos y Juegos

I SO don't have enough material for a good blog post tonight, but I'mma try and stretch it. It-shay appens-hay, hey hey?

You see, when one is engaged in laundry olympics, one doesn't have much oomph what to create something drool- and/or blog-worthy for dinner. And when one had cereal for breakfast and leftovers for lunch, one (if one is in fact a food blogger) is truly it-shay outta uck-lay.

So 'twas that breakfast foods made their appearance at dinner, craftily disguised as an egg burger.

'Tis a one-egg omelette with reduced fat feta, chopped spinach and a dash of garlic, served upon whole wheat bread and a schmear of sundried tomato Sabra yummus. And no, I will never run out of hummus. Deal with it.

I also broiled an ap-cray on-tay of asparagus and green beans with a teaspoon-drizzle of EVOO, garlic powder and oregano for 10 minutes, stirring halfway through. Nutty perfection.

Actually, I take it back. THIS was nutty perfection, due to its actually containing nuts and such:

Dessert smoothie made with a 6-oz container of SO Delicious plain (sweetened) coconut "yogurt", 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1.5 tablespoons of chocolate PB2 and 2 ice cubes. Slurped out of my souvenir cup from Disney World because it has a top with a straw hole, and everyone knows smoothies must be drunk through a straw. Ideally, that straw stays in one place so you don't have to do the fishy face trying to find it with your mouth without looking down or holding onto it with your fingers. Enter the straw hole. Problem solved.

And let me not forget to mention that my winnings arrived this weekend while I was away!

I won about 10 coupons for free Rudi's Organic bread products from Missy's giveaway. Considering my current rate of bread consumption, I'm good for like, a couple years. Boners! Whoops - I mean, oners-bay!

Anyway-ay, I'm so over communal laundry-doing. When one lives at the top of an eight-floor apartment building, one shares four washers and dryers with something like 100 people and is appropriately issed-pay when she rushes home after work only to find herself up it-shay eek-cray with two 30-lb bags of dirty laundry in front of four occupied washers and writing run-on sentences in the delirium that follows a few too many trips between the 8th floor and the basement!

I had other thoughts for the blog tonight, but I'm tuckered out and something tells me I'm better off flushing this post down the ooper-pay.


Mom said...

So glad your humour persists. Ang-hay in ere-thay. Or something like that.

lesley said...

Ha, laundry olypics ... that does sound a bit difficult to do laundry ... you think they would provide more washers and dryers for that many people.

Jenny said...

haha you can never have enough hummus girl! congrats on winning the giveaway - i've never tried the rudi's products but i've heard through the blogosphere that they're awesome! especially the bagels :)

K from ksgoodeats said...

HAHA I'm loving the pig latin AND your mom's comment! Woohoo for Rudi's coupons! Those are always handy!!

Hope you got gold in the Olys ;)

Anonymous said...

seriously, why must we be forced to live in these communal laundry facility conditions?? i can't take it anymore!!! regardless, your egg burger looks scrumptious, and i would be ecstatic to have that for dinner any night.

Olga said...

hahah I HATE doing laundry in apt buildings, it drives me nuts. And for some reason, I also have like 30 pounds to do every time...

NICE coupons stash there!