June 4, 2009


Add me to the list of bloggers who has benefitted from the generosity of Amazing Grass!

I received this package of goodies today and I'm very excited to try these products, as they fit in pretty well with my idea of Radventures - trying out little things that I can do for better health. In particular, I'm interested in giving wheat grass a whirl - pretty much the epitome of my mental image of a raw foodist. In fact, while I was having dinner at Adelina last week, a couple came in and ordered shots of wheat grass at the bar. They pounded the shots (actually, they sipped daintily, but I am employing poetic license here) and told the bartender, "That's our happy hour," then left. My salad nearly shot out my nose. Still, their "happy hour" left them far more alkaline than a Bud Light would. Here are some of the benefits of wheat grass, as cited on the Amazing Grass website:

  • Increases and sustains energy naturally
  • Detoxifies and cleanses your body
  • High alkalinity helps balance your body’s pH level
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Insoluble fiber gently cleanses your digestive tract and promotes regularity
  • Complete food with enzymes and all essential amino acids
  • Natural source of antioxidants to help repair damaged cells
  • Excellent source of beta carotene, folic acid and vitamin C
  • Whole leaf powder- not from juice!
  • Dehydrated below 107 and nitrogen packed to preserve the raw food properties
  • 10x the chlorophyll of tray grown wheatgrass juice
  • Field grown outdoors through a cold winter
  • Tested free of mold
  • Gluten free and Vegan
  • Certified Organic

    For the majority of people, consuming processed foods along with stresses of every day life create an acidic balance in the blood. This causes the body to store water and build up fat in the arteries (cholesterol) as protection from acidic blood.

    By restoring alkalinity and neutralizing acid production your body can recover quicker, metabolize faster, reduce food cravings and achieve your optimal health.

In their own words, "Amazing Grass is the most potent, convenient and affordable way to achieve your 5+ daily servings of fruits and vegetables."

Now, I have just read Angela Stokes' 28 page free e-Report (which you too can download here), and as a leader in the raw community, I have a feeling she has no trouble getting her recommended 5+ daily servings of fruits and vegetables. One of her main arguments is that we are not designed to eat meat, dairy, or processed foods that differ from that which is produced in nature.

So how does a product like Amazing Grass's Green Superfood drink powder fit into the raw lifestyle, if anything that is altered from its whole state is toxic to our bodies? These products are indeed certified organic, vegan, live, et cetera, but are they not inherently processed by virtue of arriving at my table pulverized inside a little envelope? These are the questions for which I still have no answers, personally, and I may be missing the finer points of raw-foodism, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by her e-Report. That's not to say there's no benefit in eating raw only a certain percentage of the time, because that's just healthy good sense, in my opinion. But for those of us who are far from being 100% raw (and may never get there), it's disheartening to think that we're poisoning ourselves a bit every day unless we really eliminate all foods that interfere with our body's natural processes. That is, if Angela Stokes is to be believed. Do I take her words as the Gospel Truth? Your guess is as good as mine, right now.

Screw it. Where's the beef?

Not sure - I had chicken for dinner. ::GASP!::

Pick your jaw up off the floor and remember that I'm working through the groceries I currently have, and that includes some chicken breasts in the freezer. I doubt that it will be replaced with more chicken, but I'm paying attention to how I feel as I write this so as to determine whether or not I think meat has a place in my diet. So far, I'm not noticing any differences, but to be fair, I a) was overly hungry by the time I had dinner and b) am not making changes to my diet at this moment such as would make a chicken breast startling to my system.

Looks like I should use bigger bread next time, though. Good thing I won free Rudi's!

Not exactly a secret that I used a countertop grill on this stuff, eh? Tiger-striped asparagus is much harder to achieve outdoors. :) And yes, I grilled my leftover cauliflower too. I'm trying to think outside the box (aka the oven) for once.

Enter the leftover chai-tapioca pudding with a crumbled Multibran VitaTop.

Please pause to admire my fancy servingware.

Sometimes (usually when one does not have a dishwasher at her disposal), homegirl just can't deal with dirtying yet another dish.

I will keep you posted (ha!) on my experience with wheat grass. Open mind, open mind...

In the meantime, a little cameo from a couple products that have shown their faces here before:
  • Mix My Granola has added Enhancers to their product line. You can now boost your cereal mix with stuff like caffeine powder, acai or cherry boosters. Use promo code ENHANCERS to get one enhancer free with your order!
  • Stonyfield Farm has added a Strawberry variety to their line of Oikos organic Greek yogurts. Visit their website for a coupon!
Check it out!


Mom said...

the wheat grass argument sounds logical, believable, etc, but what does it TASTE like??

Ashley and Bo said...

I LOVE this stuff but only got one trial packet at Whole Foods. I'd love to try the whole line. Could you email me their contact info please ma'am!? Loving the fresh new look!

K from ksgoodeats said...

I'm such a bad bloggie - I haven't tried any of my Amazing Grass products yet! I need to get on that!!

I love all of the grill marks on your dinner :) MultiBran Vitas are my favorite!