June 6, 2009

Fear of Wheat Grass

I said I was going to pay close attention to how a meal of meat affected my digestion as compared to a vegetarian meal. I felt fine and normal that night and went to bed per usual. However, I woke up and did in fact notice that I was, er...a tad noisier than I am on mornings following my more typical vegetarian dinners. Not uncomfortably so, but noticeable nonetheless, which from what I've learned means that my body was indeed struggling to digest that chicken. We just take those tummy bubbles as par for the course, but now I know that bodily reaction for what it is, which is protest.

So that's my digestion reflection for today.

In other news, I tried one of the wheat grass samples sent to me by Amazing Grass. They recommended taking it first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, because apparently overnight our bodies become more acidic and the wheat grass helps restore alkalinity. So I mixed one packet (equivalent to 1 tbsp) with 8 oz almond milk, since as a wheat grass virgin I was too scared to take it straight with water.

Verdict? Not half bad! For me, that is. I am a big tea drinker, and I found the taste to resemble matcha (ground Japanese green tea). Not like it was delicious or anything, but certainly tolerable, especially mixed into the almond milk. I don't know why I don't drink more almond milk! It's so tasty, plus it's half the calories of cow milk, arguably more healthy, and doesn't produce the phlegmy effect of cow milk.

That said, I was a little sorry I'd drunk this when I went to work out straightaway. I felt full and sloshy, which is not comfortable during bouncy cardio. It passed fairly quickly though and I was then pretty energetic for the balance of the workout. Lesson learned: wait a while to workout after drinking...anything.

Wheat grass Radventure: check.


K from ksgoodeats said...

I really need to try my wheat grass! Ew to the phlegmy reaction - I know exactly what you're talking about! I used to cough and cough after I ate ice cream.

Have a great Saturday!!

Jenny said...

hmm wheat grass.. veryyyy interesting! I don't know if i'm brave enough haha.

Anonymous said...

look at you go with this wheat grass! very impressive and RADventurous of you. i'm excited to see what you do with the rest of the amazing grass stuff, too!

Elina said...

Yeah, I'm totally scared of those Amazing Grass products :)
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Wheat germ grass said...

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