June 22, 2009

Dental Health Day and a Gosh Darn Quesadilla

So the TVP-loaf didn't work out so well for me on the digestion front. It sat in my belly like a rock for the rest of the evening, and then this morning I spent a good 20 minutes nauseous out of my mind until I drank a packet of Amazing Grass's wheat grass powder mixed with almond milk, of all things. Thankfully, it all passed (in multiple senses of the word...TMI?) and it felt good to have a fairly uneventful day of eats.

I have to give due props to this lil guy right here:

I continue to be really impressed by Gnu Bars. They taste great and have a pretty virtuous ingredient list, considering they fall into the category of "processed food." I would not eradicate them from my household, though. Here's what you'd find in the Cinnamon Raisin bar I ate for an afternoon snack:

Gnu High Fiber Blend™ (whole rolled oats, organic whole wheat flour, wheat bran, organic kamut, psyllium, flax, millet), chicory root inulin, fruit juices, rice dextrins, raisins, canola oil, apples, plums, rice, wheat protein isolate, vanilla, cinnamon, baking powder.

I think I want to try dunking one in some coffee or tea next. :)

I went to get my teeth cleaned after work tonight, and let's just say it's a good thing I love my dentist because otherwise I would NOT feel like I got my $170 worth! That's right, homegirl got no dental. However, homegirl has a fantastic set of chompers, and keeping them that way is a lot cheaper than paying for fillings a couple times a year.

I decided to take the opportunity to ask my dentist how he feels about the natural alternatives for dental products like toothpaste and mouthwash. Both he and the hygienist agreed that the less chemicals involved, the better. I feel validated that my Act --> Tom's mouthwash upgrade was indeed a worthy one! So I have my dentist's blessing to go all natural, which is great, and futhermore it proves he has no hidden agenda with Crest or Colgate or whathaveyou mainstream dental products. That's why I go to the Jazz Dentist! If you don't believe me, check out the website - his band's name is "Blue Nitrous." :D

Anygnu, I was later getting home than I'm accustomed to, so I spent the subway ride pondering what I could whip up at Mach 5 speed. I settled on the trusty quesadilla, being that I had some appropriate fixins that needed using:

  • TJ's whole grain oat-flax tortilla
  • 1 oz cheddar-style almond cheese
  • pinto beans (1/4-1/3 cup?)
  • 2 tbsp organic salsa
  • 1 tbsp-ish sundried tomato Sabra hummus
It was almost picture-perfect, until I tried to flip it and half its contents spilled out and made things fuggie fug.

Still good! CRAZY good, actually. Now I know why the cheese + hummus combo in a tortilla is so often referred to as "crack wrap."

And on the side, I had my leftover kabocha squash from last night, though I couldn't finish it due to negative association with nausea inducing TVP-loaf. Poor kabocha...

All is made well by dessert, though. I finally sampled my raw Holiday Chia Pudding along with a Peanut Buttery Bar garnish.

This pudding is seriously so good! It's rich and creamy, yet not without crunch due to the chia seeds. It's a lovely treat made lovelier by the fact that it's actually good for you. Unlike the quasi-failed Peanut Buttery Bar, which I still can't decide whether or not I like. I've done worse, but I think I bite into it each time expecting/hoping it'll taste different than it does. Le sigh.

My excitement for the day (other than the Jazz Dentist) came in a package from Amazon. Holy foodie literature!

Indeed, I broke down and bought Natalia Rose's raw detox book after reading a library copy this past week. I'm just too interested in the subject not to own a beginner's manual, along with some awesome looking recipes. The other two books speak for themselves, I assume. I don't have to have read Michael Pollan's books to know they'll be right up my alley - I already talk about them as though I'd read them! I needed to buy In Defense of Food for my book club anyway, so I figured why not get The Omnivore's Dilemma while I was at it. Splurge alert!

Yay books! I'm such a nerd bomber. :D


Anonymous said...

Looks DEVINE that quesadilla! What brand of tortilla do you use?


Diana said...


That would be a tortilla from Trader Joe's! Multi-grain oat flax or some such nonsense. :)

diana by design said...

i wish i could get into eating beans, they're so good for you but the texture still weirds me out. maybe i'll ease into it soon.

i love the dentist, too! my dentist is a friend of my parents so i get free dental which i love so much<3 i go 3 times a year instead of 2. all of my friends think i'm a nut :P

Anonymous said...

The quesadilla looks amazing, I think I may attempt one myself tonight.

Brandi said...

i love the gnu bars!

yay for clean teeth :) they're totally worth whatever it costs.

your quesadilla looks great, too. I had a mexican meal for dinner last night, as well :)

Melissa (fitnessnyc) said...

looks like a great reading selection, all favorites of mine!

K from ksgoodeats said...

Gooooosh your quesadilla looks great! The cinnamon raisin Gnu is the best in my opinion :)

Sorry the TVP was a stomach brick! I hate when that happens. I hate going to the dentist but your's sounds cool!

Anonymous said...

I am so obsessed with crack wraps right now- your twist on it looks great! I tried it with felafel and soft cheese and it was amazing.

I've heard great things about 'In Defense Of Food'- let me know if it's worth buying?

enjoy your Tuesday!

Erica said...

Ow it looks fabulous! I'm a huge dilla fan- especially bean dillas! Great recipe. Glad you got your teeth cleaned! So important.

Lele said...

Lovin' the Napoleon Dynamite reference, but isn't it a "dang quesadilla".

I also love those TJ's whole grain flax tortillas. They are delicious enough to eat on their own-- and I think most tortillas taste like cardboard!

Anonymous said...

The quesadilla looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

My dentist said the same thing! He told me to stop using regular mouthwash because of the chemicals being so strong they can actually eat away at your teeth! go figure I am going in for my first ever 'mini cavity' he calls it, on Tuesday. Dear gd help me!!

john devis said...

Oh No, this food gonna effect the dental health badly. I'll never try to have it as my Dentist in Northridge CA advised me not to having