June 17, 2009


Homegirl has a problem:

Yeah, I managed to find myself in a health food store AGAIN today. It was Whole Foods this time. I went in there ostensibly to pick up a couple carrots for dinner tonight (because somehow the carrots in the huge farmer's market right outside my office were somehow not good enough) and walked out with yet more almond milk (on sale for $2 each!), hemp milk and nutritional yeast. I hear the yeast makes for a flavorful topping for salads and such, so I'm hoping it might be another tasty salt alternative.


All in the name of health!

Dinner was another of Gena's glorious raw recipes: Cauliflower Salad with Orange Vinaigrette.

Now, if Gena's version is "raw," then we'd have to call my version "rawng." I made a few modifications, thereby un-raw-ing it.

In an effort to use up some stuff in my freezer, I decided to make the recipe using frozen cauliflower and asparagus. I steamed those veggies lightly so they would maintain a little crunch, as opposed to being soggy from thawing. I did use raw carrots, as you saw above, because I wanted the dish to have some legit raw crunch to it as well.

...And maybe because I accidentally used the last of my frozen carrots in my oatmeal yesterday.

Unfortunately, I overestimated the amount of cauliflower I actually had, so the dish ended up being light on cauliflower and consequently heavy on carrots, since I decided to use both of them anyway. I had enough asparagus to add more, but...then I didn't. My bad. I omitted the parsley because homey don't play that herb. And for the dressing, I cut the prescribed 3 tbsp EVOO down to 2 since I was making less volume than the recipe called for.

All said and done...

Awesome. I had the first bite and my taste buds screamed for walnuts, so I obliged, and 'twas delicious. I had intended to save half to take to the office for Friday's lunch but that's not so much happening after all. :) Another successful Radventure! Huzzah!

And now for two orders of business that have been brought to my attention:

1. Jay Robb has offered my readers 15% off all Jay Robb products when you use promo code BLOGSCHOCJ9 on any phone or online order before July 1! Hot.
2. The Stonyfield Summer Sampling schedule: your chance to try some Stonyfield Farm products, ask questions and chat with some farm homeys!

Summer Events:

June 28th – Boston, MA- Bike Festival, Bayside Expo Center

June 28th, 29th & 30th –NYC - Fancy Foods Show: http://www.specialtyfood.com/do/fancyFoodShow/LocationsAndDates

July 12, 15, 25th – Boston, MA – Boston Breakers games

July 17, 18, 29 – Seattle, WA – Bite of Seattle event

August 8, 9 – West Dover, VT – Trek Tri event, Mt. Snow

August 9 – Boston, MA – Boston Breakers game

August 21, 22, 23 - Ellacoya State Park, NH – Timberman event


Brandi said...

3 days in a row? You're on a roll :)

Missy said...

Dinner looks so good! Health food stores really are addicting!! If I won the lottery, it might be the first place I'd visit!

ChickPea said...

I find myself in health food stores all too often as well. I'd love to hear what you think of that Hemp Bliss--never tried that brand.

K from ksgoodeats said...

That dinner looks SERIOUSLY good! No shame with health food store addictions!!

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

i LOVE hemp milk..i just wish the price tag wasn't so high :(

Dori said...

Never tried hemp milk but I love almond milk. I could never go back to cow's again! Unless it was the only option at a buffet.

In response to your comment to me, I just wanted to also recommend Citrus to you and your boyf, on 76 and Amsterdam. They have mexian and japanese, very cool, a little pricey but not over the top. Melissa (fitnessnyc) loves it too!

Erica said...

I need to visit Gena's blog to check out more of the raw-ness because this salad sounds yummy. Oh Jay Robb and his huge muscles. I <3 him

Jenny said...

girl let me know if you need me to stage an intervention for your health food store addiction ;) jokes, obv.. i love all your new finds!