May 1, 2009

My Comments on Comment Issues

Every so often, someone emails to let me know that they get an error message when they try to leave a comment on my blog. If this ever happens to you, I want to know about it! I hate to think that I'm missing anything. Or that Blogger is being poopy. >:-(

I think the issue is resolved now, but please feel free to contact me (diana at soapandchocolate dot com) at any time, regarding technical difficulties or otherwise.

Thank you to Dori for today's glitch notification!


Missy said...

I have issues like that too. People can only leave comments when they use blogspot in my web address because I have no idea how to connect the two correctly!

Dori said...

So glad it works now! I never told you this, but your blog used to always reject my first comment and then accept it when I submitted a second time.

Now, all works well!

Anonymous said...

I blog on wordpress, and sometimes when I leave a message on Blogger, it doesn't go through - I usually get frustrated and just x out of my comment!

Mom said...

My occasional comments usually takes 2 tries also!