May 10, 2009

My boyf is back

Hey na, hey na, etc.

It was a beautiful day in Brooklyn, during which I ran all sorts of errands and did all sorts of chores, but the best part was seeing the boyf tonight after being away for a week.

We had dinner at a pizza joint called Reginella's, where we did not eat pizza. However, I can vouch enthusiastically for their rice balls and vegetarian lasagna (it's tomato sauce-less! V. Interesting...). After dinner, we watched the sunset from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and had some cake for dessert. How could I not be glad to be back in NYC? :)


Miz said...

and I need to get me back to NYC to visit...

K from ksgoodeats said...

I'm convinced that NYC has the best restaurants! I need to go!