May 15, 2009

In(dian) the Heights

Happy weekend! The roomie and I kicked it off proper this evening with a little pre-theater dinner at Sukhadia's, a midtown vegetarian Indian restaurant. That's right, we were on our way to the theatah! Pip pip! ::adjusts glasses::

Something that makes this place a little different is that they specialize in Indian sweets and catering, so you can even order their food in bulk online. But we were there so the roomie could school me in chaat, which are Indian snacks and/or street food. Above, we have the chaat the roomie selected, which I can't pronounce, but it contains some addictive deliciousness - little cracker pieces in a spicy sauce flavored with cardamom, onion, cilantro...all served cold and crunchy. Kinda reminded me of an Indian flavored chicken salad, sans cluck-cluck.

Our entree curry was a vegetable jalfrezi, which is always different from restaurant to restaurant, but almost always a winner. This one didn't disappoint.

It came with basmati rice, papadum and raita. All made fresh just for us. :)

And then there was the appetizer, which came after the entree. These are little steamed cakes made of chickpea flour.

Served with dipping sauces flavored with cilantro or tamarind. SO GOOD!

For bread, we had a whole wheat paratha, which is unleavened and not fluffy like naan

We shared everything and I was shocked at how full I was when we left - we didn't even finish all the food! Must've been the expanding rice ganging up on me.

The theatah production in question was In the Heights, which is a multi-Tony winning new musical about the barrios in Washington Heights (a neighborhood in the way north of Manhattan, for anyone not in tune with NYC geography).

It rocked our socks right off! There was a blend of latin, reggeton and rap music throughout, plus dancing, which made me green with envy. You can't go see this show and not wish you just had salsa moves flowing in your blood. I guess I'll have to settle for actual salsa flowing in my blood. MAN am I white.

You can catch a documentary about this show on PBS May 27 at 8pm! I highly recommend watching if you don't think you'll make it to the stage version. Dare you to sit still watching these folks!


ChickPea said...

Ooh! Those chickpea cakes sound so interesting and tasty!

Anonymous said...

soooo jealous you saw in the heights!!! i NEED to go to that.

your indian food looks perfect. i'm jealous you live with such an expert!

melissa said...

thanks for the show review, I need to see it!

K from ksgoodeats said...

I've never had REAL Indian food but that looks amazing! Glad you had fun at the show!!

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

I love your blog!!

The Indian food looks really good!
And I would LOVE that production! I love theatre....and NYC :-)

Miz said...

Id looooove to see In the Heights!
(I shall 100% pass on the indian food. not a fan. blasphemy :) I know)

Sweta said...

Waaa-I want chaat NOW!! I haven't eaten them in ages :(

fitforfree said...

I work right by that restaurant and LOVE IT!!! the lunch special rocks my socks off!