May 29, 2009

In Transit

Happy Memorial Day! Well, for me at least. I traded taking the holiday off in favor of having today free for a journey to Boston, which means I'm doing ghetto mini updates.

I had time for a homemade breakfast this morning, so I made an oat brancake using the same formula as last time, with the addition of a chopped fig: 1/3 cup oat bran, 1/4 cup each of applesauce and egg whites, 1/2 tsp each of baking powder, cinnamon and vanilla, plus half the fig in the batter too. I topped it with almond butter and spicy fig spread, sprinkled with the remaining fig pieces. And a spinocolate smoothie on the side - can you guess what's in that? ;)

Lunch was disappointing, especially in light of all my thoughts on raw food and digestion lately. I had requested a vegetarian meal on the Limoliner bus to Boston, but since they cancelled the bus I was supposed to be on, my request got lost in the shuffle to put me on the next bus. Since I'm no strict anything-tarian at this point, I ate the chicken sandwich anyway (at least it had roasted red peppers, mmm) since I was hungry. Plus they gave us a Biscoff cookie - those amazing little gingery biscuits that mysteriously appear only on moving vehicles. I know you know what I'm talking about! So good!

Anyhoo, since I'm now hyper aware of how what I eat affects my digestion and how I feel, I couldn't help but notice the night and day difference in the feeling after this sandwich vs a raw meal. I felt bloated and sleepy, not to mention kinda gassy - and I share that with you just for edumacational purposes. Just something interesting I noted, I guess.

My sister and niece picked me up in Framingham, and we later met my brother in law for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Based on my lunch experience and the fact that I wasn't starving, I knew I wanted to keep it light and veggie - I had no interest in even looking at any of the meated dishes. I chose their grilled vegetable salad and it hit the spot.

It had warm grilled veggies like zucchini and eggplant (!) over a bed of greens and avocado. I didn't even need the dressing because I'm really enjoying just the taste of veggies now, plus there was some marinade involved with the grillies. I felt really comfortable and satisfied afterward, so I know it was a wise choice. It's so valuable to be able to notice how different food groups affect my body. Way cool.

Time to catch up on reality TV. They have cable here!!!


K from ksgoodeats said...

Your oat brancake looks just as delicious as last time! I loooooooooove that salad from CPK!! It's the best thing on the menu in my opinion!

Have a great Saturday!

Anonymous said...

your oatbrancake is so pretty and perfect! and happy memorial day to you!! that salad (eggplant AND avocado?? brilliant) looks amazing. i hope you're enjoying your long boston weekend and reality tv!

Dori said...

The oatbrancake looks amazing and so does your grilled veggie salad. I laughed at my desk when I read this:

Plus they gave us a Biscoff cookie - those amazing little gingery biscuits that mysteriously appear only on moving vehicles.

SO true! I've only seen those on Delta flights. What's the deal!