May 12, 2009

Food(and drink!)Buzz

Tonight I had the privilege of attending a cocktail party hosted by FoodBuzz at David Burke Townhouse. Score! David Burke's food is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick, people, and probably some of the most artistic I've ever encountered. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, though I have to admit that they are not my best effort, as I was lazy and used my phone to take them.

Prosecco and a dumpling of meaty mcmeatyness

Huge spread of sushi/sashimi/maki

TONS of fresh lobster claws, oysters, crab, etc. (I made a valiant effort at lobster but remain unswayed...except for the lobster flan/custard thingie I tasted - amazing)

Adorable cinnamon bun

Fresh lychee martinis

Serious dessert juggling

Cheesecake lollipop, one of David Burke's signature treats

Me double-fisting desserts one-handed long enough to snap a wonky pic...this was a chocolate cheesecake lollipop and butterscotch pannacotta, I believe.

I was kind of in a funk when I arrived at this party, but I will admit that it cheered me up to have some incredible food and spend more time with some quality NYC bloggers (Missy, Ashley, Sarah, Emily, Vani...just to name a few - check their blogs for much better recaps than mine!). There were even a few paps snapping pictures of us! It's a glamorous life I lead...

Not to mention the fact that while no one wants to turn down free food, I would have been truly INSANE not to jump at the opportunity to try David Burke's itty bitty delicacies. Staying true to myself, most of those itty bitties were desserts, but hey this ain't Soap & Lobster, is it?


meloncauliflower said...

great meeting you too!

K from ksgoodeats said...

Oh everything looks swanky!! Glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun last night! I hope our paths will cross at another Food Buzz event :-) Also, I enjoyed your previous post about grocery shopping 3 x in 24 hours...I've been known to do that myself!

Sue said...

It was great meeting you. You showed great dedication to the task at hand last night. And how did you post this so quickly?

FoodsThatFit said...

That event looks like a blast!! I wish I lived in a cool place that did things like that!!! So fun, and it looks like a great place to meet people with similar interests (food, blogging)!

Erica said...

oh my gosh! What an awesome freaking party! I want that mini cinnamon bun and the cheesecake on a stick- yum yum! How could that food not put you in a good mood?