May 5, 2009

Ep-caught Up

Due to an apparent park-wide dead zone, my blogging capabilities have been severely limited today. It was so annoying all day long because I had so much fun doing all the mini updates from Animal Kingdom yesterday, but alas, my day at Epcot will not receive the same coverage.

So here are my snapshots from today thus far... We milked the early opening hour and rode Mission Space (without booting) plus the Test Track twice. I made sure to eat the Pure Bar AFTER sustaining the G-forces of Mission Space, thankyouverymuch.

Other highlights include lunch at Mexico's San Angel Inn (swine flu-free, thankfully...unless I infected them, bwahaha...), "street" performers at Italy and Japan, a cappella singers in America...and there was probably some more ice cream in there too. Also, Spaceship Earth (the ride inside the giant golf ball) has gotten quite a fancy update, so be sure to revisit that if you get a chance.

We are booked for a fancy dinner tonight so I'm going to do some extreme relaxing til then. Hoping there won't be another gap in mini-updates like today's!


healthy ashley said...

I hope the fancy dinner went well tonight!
I just posted our picture on my blog- it's full res in case you want a copy :)

melissa said...

still actively hating you. it won't stop pouring here! and we can't even wear mickey ponchos.

have fun girl!