May 6, 2009

Efficiency at its best

We have now thoroghly exhausted (and soaked) ourselves by spending the evening at the Magic Kingdom, this after spending 9-5 at MGM.

We refueled with a Dole Citrus Swirl in Adventureland before literally walking straight onto Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp looks almost as good as an animatronic. Almost.

We also hit Thunder Mountain (hi Mom) and got ENTIRELY soaked on Splash Mountain. Also made it thru Haunted Mansion before deciding that we (I) were too damp to enjoy anything else.

Dare you to do better in a day's Disney play!


Anonymous said...

geez, if i ever go to disney again, i'm going to hire you as my trip planner. you girls know how to pack it all in!

ElleMigliore said... that is the most amazing looking ice cream i've ever seen!
glad you're having a blast!!