May 5, 2009

Dreams do come true! least my belly thinks so right now. :)

We had a super fancy dinner at the Contemporary Resort's California Grill this evening. They have sort of a nuovo-americano menu (if that's the right term) which changes depending on what's in season. Case in point: my entree was an artichoke stuffed with chevre, wrapped in paper thin potato slices, served on top of asparagus amidst tufts of lemon foam. Quite the mouthful in more ways than one! It was divine. Backing up a bit, we shared a goat cheese ravioli to start, accompanied by warm sourdough bread and a South African white wine. I die.

Just when I began to think we'd bitten off more than we could chew in the finance department, the lights dimmed and the music from the Magic Kingdom was piped in as we watched the Wishes fireworks show from our seats by the window of this restaurant on the 15th floor. It could not have been more perfect, and I would pay double if it meant we could have this evening's experience over again. Call me a cheeseball, but watching fireworks explode over Cinderella's Castle is enough to give me chills any day of the week.


Elina said...

We went to Disney World a few years ago and had dinner at the same restaurant. The experience of watching fireworks as you're enjoying your fancy meal can't be beat. Glad you're having fun! :)