May 27, 2009

Better than Eva('s)?

So last night I talked about the lentil recipe I created to satisfy the craving for what Eva's calls the Vegan Special. At the time, I was thinking, "why pay extra money for something I might make for myself at home anyway?"

This is why:

Yes, that is, in fact, Eva's Vegan Special in the non-flesh: lentil soup over brown rice with a side salad (and a random pita that met its match in the trash can ::sad face::). I was crunched for time this evening because I had to journey from Union Square in Manhattan out to the Siberia of Queens to attend the boyf's first of two concerts featuring the middle school bands he directs. So I sprinted out of my office at 5:00pm on the dot and pre-ordered what you see above, thinking this was the perfect (and blog-worthy) opportunity to try Eva's version of one of my most favorite recent concoctions. 

I was all prepared to taste this and be all, "in yo' FACE, Eva's!" But I neglected to recall that Eva's is actually known for their lentil soup in particular, of which the boyf reminded me when I gushed to him about how good it was. I ended up dumping the salad on top of the beans and rice and spearing bites with my fork so that it would pick up some of that mixture with the lettuce in each mouthful. Delicious and efficient. As much as I was housing as much of my dinner as I could in as little time as I'm capable of, I never even saw the bottom of my plate, so generous was the quantity. Good to know for next time, because at $6.75, this meal is cheap enough to buy often without guilt because it is easily enough for two meals. Plus it's insanely healthy!

In the end, I will grudgingly give Eva's two thumbs up for their Vegan Special, because that lentil soup really is all a'that. However, it is also a completely different non-animal from my own lentil dish from last night's post, which was totally Indian-spired, whereas this had a traditional lentil soup flavor. Maybe the best lentil soup I can recall ever having. But I'm not crazy about throwing around superlatives. :)

Whateva, I'm still betta than Eva. 


K from ksgoodeats said...

If I ever make it to NYC, Eva's is now on the list of restaurants! I'm sure your recipe is just as good ;)

Olga said...

that looks delicious! I must go there!

When I saw that, I thought "hmm...lettuce in that lentil mixture must be good."

Great minds think alike :)

Dori said...

That sounds so good! And you wrote this so well. Yum!

Missy said...

Eva's sounds so good! I must go there!

Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

Ooh thanks for the tip, next time I'm in NYC I can check it out. I go to Souen a lot. Been there?

Diana said...

Michelle - Have not been to Souen but it's definitely on my radar so it won't be long before I try it!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm, your looked delicious, but so does this one! like you said -- different animals, each delicious in its own right.

so cute that the boyf was directing the band concert! how was it?