April 29, 2009

No Swine Flu, Just a Piglet

Right, so I'm not feeling entirely awesome, which is less than optimal, but I'm workin' with it and so far, other than some random fatigue, the only thing that's bothering me is a gnarly sore throat. I went home halfway through the work day yesterday so that I could sleep a lot, and I think it was a good decision because I woke up ready to rock 'n' roll this morning, though the sore throat remained.

Swine flu? Methinks not. Well, meHOPES not. I got better things to do!

I've been getting plenty of C along with some extra sleep. Here we have some mango atop a cereal mess for breakfast yesterday...

I used Turtle Mountain's mango flavored coconut yogurt, and it made for a delicious bowl, though sweeter than I'm used to. 

I'm also making sure to get my Kombucha on. The label claims that it supports pretty much every bodily function known to man, so the immune system has to be in there somewhere, I figure. If nothing else, I can probably use it to perform alchemy or some other such shenaniganery.

We are going to have a problem on our hands when I run out of free Kombucha. You know you're on all-too-familiar terms with a product when you refer to it lovingly as "the Booch" to a coworker.

Lucky for me, I felt well enough to meet up with some fellow Brooklyn-dwelling bloggers tonight for dinner at Hanco's in Park Slope, my old 'hood. Emily, Sarah and Vani joined me there for Vietnamese sandwiches and bubble tea.

I decided to make it a meaty night and go with the grilled chicken sandwich, since in my brief illness the protein has kind of fallen by the wayside in favor of things like Annie's mac 'n' cheese. :) I was happy with my decision because the veggie toppings ended up outnumbering the meat in volume anyway. Shredded carrots, daikon, cilantro and cucumbers...more than I thought was possible to cram into such a small baguette! There was a very spicy spread on the sandwich as well. Judging from the tears practically running down Emily's face, I was glad I asked for only medium-spicy!

...And these are the Pure Bars I received in the mail today! 

They have rudely interrupted my blogger dinner recap, but I am blogging in Google Chrome for the first time and it won't let me move pictures around the template like I'm used to. Oh well - thank you to Rebecca at Pure Bar! I've seen these snacks circulating the blogosphere like swine flu (too soon?) so it's about time I got in on the action. :)

Where were we? Ah yes, bubble tea. I took my new friends' advice and started simple for my first-ever: black sweetened tea with skim milk and tapioca balls.

Mama like! Although I had to concentrate on not swallowing the balls whole. That's what she said. (As if I would let a balls joke opportunity slide by unnoticed.)

For dessert, I had to share a treat I received last week with the audience (eatience?) I knew would most appreciate it. I'm referring to HEAB's Maple Nut Oaties, of course!

I daresay these ladies liked the oaties even better than the sandwiches! Eight enthusiastic thumbs up, Heather. We demolished them, down to the last crumbs (well done, Sarah).

Tonight's eats were enough to put a smile on anyone's face, most of all Vani and Emily...

...as well as me and Sarah...
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Time to pop some pills and hit ye olde hay what so I don't get more sickerer.


emily said...

It was great to see you, have a wonderful time at Disney!

Elina said...

Hope you feel better!
All your eats look delicious - the sandwich and bubble tea in particular ... what a fun spot for a blogger meetup!
And the pure bars... I want some too :D

K from ksgoodeats said...

Feel better!! PURE BARS!! I hope you love them :)

Missy said...

It is so funny seeing you meet the same people I met a few weeks ago! Gotta love the blogworld! I still need to try Pure Bars and Kombucha! I don't think those companies like me haha! Can't wait for you to try the yoga class with us! You will love it!

Fitnessista said...

kombucha!!! blechhhhhh. so good for you, so hard for me to drink!
hooray for the pure bar fairy!
have a great day!

Anonymous said...

it was so fun to see/meet you! but why is that picture of me eating cookies so creepy?????

can't wait to do it again! (not the creepy part)