April 9, 2009

Catch-up and Flustered

Hi. So real life has been riding my tail this week like whoa, but I think I'm about ready to be back among the normal folkery. The most urgent of the issues that needed addressing this week was that of the bustocated cell phone, which I am pleased to report as solved. Behold the savior:

My new bestie, the G1. I'm pretty sure this thing can turn more tricks than Pretty Woman, and I don't even know how to use it yet. It doesn't matter much, as long as it buys me dinner first, and that seems fairly possible at this point. Hee-yooge shout-out to my broseph for hooking me up with a free phone, which made this resolution that much quicker. It's no mystery that working for Google has certain perks - I just never thought that one of said perks would end up being my phone!

I am taking tomorrow off in order to spend Easter weekend in Boston with my sister and fam, so now that I'm having a moment to breathe beforehand, I figured I should take the opportunity to throw together the accumulation of pictures that I wanted to share on the blog before it all piles up to the point where none of it makes sense. Actually, as I look through my collection of photos from the past three days, I can't even remember the order in which these foods were consumed, so I've tried to group them by subject matter instead.

First up is last night's dinner with the boyf, which was NOT at Angelica, Atlas or Rosa Mexicano. It was across the street from Angelica, at a place called Viva Herbal Pizzeria. Here are our dinner-size slices:

The boyf had the Picante (soy sausage, roast red pepper, mozzarella cheese on whole wheat crust) and I had the Zen (green tea herbed miso tofu, green tea basil pesto, shiitake mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, carmelized onions, sundried tomato, roasted garlic, on a green tea herbed spelt crust). Could this possibly be guilt-free pizza??? If not, it comes close. Even so, I'm enough of a pizza purist to wonder if this really qualifies as pizza, without some legit puddles of oil. Hmph. I shall call it delicious food, rather than pizza, in the meantime.

What else...

I took the easy route for breakfast at one point this week and got a Starbucks breakfast combo of a latte with their "perfect oatmeal." Whoever named this "perfect oatmeal" obviously has never met a food blogger, as only an oatmeal novice would consider instant oats with little packets of nuts/dried fruit/brown sugar "perfect." I microwaved a chopped apple into the mix and then promptly forgot to take a picture of the finished product. We'll have to settle for the half-eaten and almost-finished product instead.

Starbucks, give me a call and we'll discuss an improvement on your oatmeal plan. It would look something like this:

Perfect Non-Starbucks Oatmeal

(Soaked overnight and microwaved for 3 minutes in the morning, stirring after each minute.)
  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup SO Delicious unsweetened coconut milk + 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup sweet potato puree
  • 1/4 cup liquid egg whites
  • 1/4 of one avocado, squished
  • cinnamon
  • blackberries
  • 1/2 packet of a free Barney Butter sample!

This was indeed my first-ever taste of Barney Butter, and it does live up to the food-blogger ravings. I don't know if it would convert me from TJ's crunchy raw almond butter, but the Barney is really smooth and has that nice roasted flavor, which is a nice change from the raw.

Looks like I enjoyed a Breakfast YouBar as a snack one afternoon, and as you can see, it presents a sticky situation.

I thought it tasted quite good (made of egg white protein, cocoa, honey, a bit of coffee, dates...), but it was nearly impossible to eat. I took a spoon to it and managed to eat the whole thing, but only because I was hungry and determined.

And as you saw last night, the Kombucha fairy has been very good to me this week (I'm sipping Gingerberry right now - amazing), but you know I'm a true fan because I did break down and buy another one a couple days ago. The Passionberry is delicious and went with another of Rachel's cottage cheeses very well, which was the Lemon Verbena Berry flavor.

Best snack of life!

Bear with me for just one more picture because this is the last Rachel's cottage cheese review. For dinner one night I topped a baked sweet potato with the Cucumber Dill flavor, and it was an awesome and satisfying meal, along with some roasties on the side.

Along with all these fancy cottage cheeses, I have been exploring the non-dairy side of life with a number of products sent to me by Turtle Mountain. This blueberry coconut milk "yogurt" made for an awesome breakfast bowl, mixed up with Kashi Go Lean, walnuts, flax, blackberries and strawberries.

One of my favorite deskfasts EVER. I repeated this again this morning. That, I remember.

I've also been experimenting with the coconut milk as a recovery drink post-workout. It's very low in calories and is a good source of "good fat," though it contains basically no protein. So I mixed it with half a packet of Jay Robb's new chocolate brown rice protein for a rich and tasty shake for a sexy-hot mess.

The brown rice protein doesn't mix up as smoothly as whey does. Or rather, it just takes more shaking/blending and patience. I thought it tasted really good, though, because I like its woodsier flavor, as opposed to nondescript whey. Granted, I have no basis of comparison to other brown rice proteins, as I don't need for my protein to be vegan, so I don't know how it stacks up to other brands. I will leave that opinion to a couple other ladies; you know who you are.

Oh, I should also mention here that my Such is Mango Curry featured the coconut milk as well - I have been trying to use the more perishable samples as quickly as possible, so coconut milk will find its way into many meals yet to come.

The last of the Turtle Mountain treats in this post will be a mini ice cream bar, which I ate tonight in an effort to keep my face out of yet another pint of the coconut milk ice cream. It's a fair compromise. :)

This pop was made of coconut milk ice cream covered in a chocolate-almond shell. No complaints here.

Ok, I think I've reached the end of my random pictures taken since Monday! And now I'm going out of town so I can fall behind again. :) If nothing else, this will be the perfect opportunity to discover just what my new phone can do. We'll all have to wait and see! I do apologize for not keeping up with everyone else's bloggery, but hey, it happens to the best of us.

Happy Eastover!


Anonymous said...

i love the random sample recap. way to get it all in there!!

the screen on my phone just stopped working. i think this is a HUGE problem? i hope it fixes itself because my entire life's calendar is in there!

Anonymous said...

Isn't real life such a buzz kill?! I'm a total pizza snob as well - American pizza?! Psh ;)

BARNEY BUTTER!! Crack in a jar! I spy some biceps - thanks for the review!

Justine said...

Your "Perfect Non-Starbucks Oatmeal" sounds quite perfect to me! I would have never thought about the addition of an avocado.