April 23, 2009

57 Ways to Feel Pain

After work this evening, I joined Dori and Missy at Physique 57 for a 6:30pm beginner class. We used our free passes that Melissa gave us at the NYC Blogger Meet-Up - I am indebted to that girl for hooking us UP!

So, for starters, "beginner" is obviously a relative term, and relative to Physique 57, I would say "beginner" = "beginning to look ripped before you even start class." That said, I was proud to be able to keep up, though at one point I was pretty sure my quads would literally burst into flames. The motivation of a group class is something that I don't get to experience as a home worker-outer, and I honestly don't know if I would have been able to push through some of these moves without a live trainer eyeballing me.

By the end of the hour-long class, we had strength-trained our entire bodies head to toe. Classes at Physique 57 utilize light hand weights, a ballet barre, yoga straps and a squishy ball (the technical term for a playground toy, I'm sure). The instructor leads you through sets concentrating on one area of the body at a time, using your own body resistance for the most part, except for when working the arms, in which case we used two sets of light weights. Even though I would call this session a strength class, your heart rate comes up decently high because of the fast pace and heavy lower body work (my legs were shaking throughout).

I felt pretty wobbly as I headed back towards the subway with Dori and Missy, but somehow managed to tumble down the stairs and onto the appropriate train. Getting off near my apartment, however, was another matter entirely. I stood at the bottom of the subway station's stairway and stared up at it like it had offended me personally by its very existence. Somehow, I got to the top, and proceeded to walk the rest of the distance home by sort of flinging each leg out in front of me and praying for a downhill. I made it home in one piece, though, feeling like I had definitely earned some dinner by then.

After seeing that Tina made these Garlicky Pinto Beans from Real Simple, I realized I had all the ingredients and figured it was perfect since I hadn't been able to decide what to put on top of a baked sweet potato tonight. I threw this recipe together stat while the potato and brussels sprouts baked and had a nice, if late, din-din.

The only changes I made to the recipe were to use kidney beans instead of pinto and omit the scallions because eew. I also halved the quantity called for because I only had one can of beans and well, I'm only one person, plus I only used 1/4 of the yield for my potato.

Oh and one last thing I wanted to mention before I call it a night: I stirred a 1/4 cup of my Healthmatron Granola into the other half of my Better Whey vanilla yogurt yesterday, wanting to have muesli for this morning. When I took it out of the fridge for breakfast, it had thickened nearly to the consistency of cookie dough! The culprit? Chia seeds! This has become a trendy item among raw foodists and I think I see the allure in its gelatinous properties. Beats the heck out of runny yogurt, and makes a nice Holiday Pudding, from what I hear! So glad I (haphazardly) included it in my mix! Now I just need the chia fairy to pay me a visit. :)


FoodsThatFit said...

You need to try the Chia Holiday Pudding recipe, it is soooo good!

melissa (fitnessnyc) said...

You are totally welcome, i provide pain free of charge :)

This totally cracked me up. I just saw the title in my google reader and got all excited!

MizFit said...

I can not wait for BlogHer to meet more bloggin' peeps in person.

Elina said...

Sounds like an awesome workout!
And I didn't know you hated scallions - I love it when other people reconfirm my hatred for onions and scallions. I feel more normal :)

Dori said...

Every day I walk up the same flight of stairs to cross the West Side Highway. I never had a problem walking up them -- until today. I had to keep taking breaks, my thighs were burning!

Missy said...

My legs are killing me today!! Great workout though! Hope you can come to yoga next week!!

VeggieGirl said...


healthy ashley said...

That "yoga" class sounds INTENSE!

And I totally know what you mean about working harder when in a group class.. that's why I avoid classes when I'm livin' a lazy!

lesley said...

Garlicky pinto beans sound good!

Anonymous said...

ahhh, i'm going to physique tomorrow morning -- i'm so scared! i really hope my messed up legs can handle it all!

i want those garlicky pinto beans. in fact, i want anything that even resembles healthy at this point bc i'm so freaking full of cake AGAIN!

and your roommate makes indian food???!!! why aren't we meeting at your place for dinner next week, hmm?

K from ksgoodeats said...

Oh wow - that sounds like a great workout! Can't go wrong with a sweet potato for dinner!