March 9, 2009

You're So Cinna-Money and You Don't Even Know It

I'm pretty good at keeping track of what food I have on hand at the office, mostly because I'm not one to wing it in terms of a workday's eats. However, I had forgotten that I didn't eat my cottage cheese with cinnamon and almonds on Friday because I ate lunch on the late side, so imagine my surprise and delight to find it sitting in the mini-fridge today! Since I didn't bring anything from home to eat, I had my eye on the Cinnamon Crumb Cake Kashi bar in my desk bar stash as a snack, but the cottage cheese find threw me into a tail spin! What to eat?!

Throwing all caution to the wind, I decided to let my hair down (not impressive, as it is short already) and have both. AT ONCE! I broke the bar in half and spread some cinna-money cottage cheese on top and ate the most rocktastic snack of life. This happens to be my absolute favorite Kashi bar and I have ignored her for many moons in favor of Lara Bars, but she has been reborn in this snack, which took it to the next level by upping the protein and yummy gunk factor. With the rest of the cheese and almonds still to eat, I managed to summon the strength to put the other half of the bar back in the drawer for tomorrow. Now safely outside the hunger threshold of needing to dig into the remainder, I will be glad I saved it because I think it will complement my very-much-not-surprise apple quite well tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I imagine that would be a good combo - sweet/salty - love it!!

Missy said...

Those Kashi bars are the best! I just pulled out my Chocolate Caramel Kashi for no reason. I was obsessing about it being in my desk. I was not hungry but they are like eating snickers to me so yep, I devoured it! Oh well!