March 2, 2009

Would YOU Eat This, Martha?

Tonight's dinner was a fairly spectacular failure. I pretty much blame myself, but wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to poke fun at Martha Stewart. The intended main dish for tonight was Greek Stuffed Peppers, done in the crockpot. But there are some startling differences between the picture above and the picture on the Martha Stewart site, to say the least.

I made some ingredient substitutions to her recipe, and that part worked out well, actually, judging from the edible bit of the pepper I plucked for my dinner (let's be honest, I ate the whole thing, but parts of it tasted better than others...). I think I may need to have another go at this recipe before I post my genius adaptation. An adaptation that does not instruct one to simply cook on low for 9 hours instead of high for 4. Martha, why didn't you tell me I couldn't do that?! BAH!

I thought I could save the dinner with some Eggplant Chips a la Hangry Pants, but alas, that failed as well. I think that was a simple case of me not spraying the cookie sheet very well with the olive oil, because I would say there was about as much eggplant on my plate as there was still stuck to the pan. They also were less than chip-like, but when the instructions say bake for 20 minutes and you only do 15, well, I guess I deserved it.

Shockingly, none of this really tasted bad, but yeah, we have another case of the butterface on this here plate. We all know I could eat eggplant and peppers any which way; it was just a disappointment when I had very high hopes for this meal.

My extremely simple dessert (I needed some consoling after my culinary disaster) was also a shocker in how seriously tasty it was. I just put some PB Puffins on top of a carton of vanilla coconut milk yogurt, and something about this combo was just right. I highly recommend it, especially while catching up on Lost. :)

Flashing back to happier times meal-wise, I did make it to Quantum Leap with the boyf for lunch Sunday, and below are our fave dishes. His: the Amber Wave (an open-faced avocado & veggie sandwich). Hers: the California Wrap 'n' Roll, the same egg-hash-brown-veggie burrito with apple compote that I had the first time we brunched at QL. Ah, heaven.

I'm going to meditate on this picture until I build up the strength to cook again. :-/


Erica said...

aw! I hate when things like that happen. You do learn when you make mistakes though and that is especially true in the kitchen! Wasn't last weeks Lost so good? Oh my gosh I cannot wait for tomorrows!

healthy ashley said...

I don't care what you say- those peppers look really good to me! But keep trying!

And your wrap at the end sounds SO GOOD!

VeggieGirl said...

Aww no worries!! Looks fine!!