March 15, 2009


Um, I must have been a very good girl. Please let us rewind to Friday (I know I'm so behind! But I'm determined to maintain chronological order. Bear with me.) and goggle all my goodies. I got a sweet sampling from my girl Allison at Clif...

(White Chocolate Macadamia!!!)

Surely you're also wondering what that monster underneath could be. Behold the beast that Sally at Newman's Organics sent:



Enough chocolate to last me for five daysImeanyears! Now we're talkin'. Hubba hubba!

The boyf is trying to muscle in on my goods already. HA.

Resisting the urge to dive into the box of glorious snackery immediately if not sooner, the boyf and the roomie and I walked over to Siggy's for some dinnah. It was my first time there, and I was pretty impressed. Everything is fresh, organic and they have options for all dietary preferences. Plus, they have a walk-up juice bar and the seating area is super-cozy (aka small, go early!). There is also a cat, which was adorable, but the boyf's allergies did not welcome that kind of company.

I played the wannavegan for the night. We split the spinach-quinoa cakes with salsa to start. All that remained was half of one by the time I remembered to take a picture...whoops. Obviously it was good, though!

The roomie went for the salmon burger as her main (background), which comes with oven roasted taters, which is a nice alternative to fries, and they were super-good, if I do say so myself. My dish is the tomato-sauce-smothered no-noodle lasagna, which hit the spot with laser accuracy! I commented afterward that when I was imagining it, I was wishing for it to be drowned in sauce, but figured it wouldn't happen because that would surely be overkill. Not so, apparently! They must be mind-readers at Siggy's. Aliens eat free there (according to their menu), so maybe that has something to do with it. :)

I am obviously a lame blogger because I was about to tuck into my lasagna when my dining companions simultaneously reminded me to take a picture. Doi! But can you blame me for being seduced by layers of eggplant, roasted veggies, tofu and soy cheese?!

The boyf had this quinoa-avocado salad, but we all agreed it was kind of meh. It tasted like something I could have made myself, so obviously not restaurant quality!

It was easy to resist the dessert menu, only because we had mountains of Newman's Organic cookies waiting for us at home! The boyf made himself a tasting plate of original flavor Hermits (left), Champion Chip double chocolate mint cookies (top and bottom) and peanut butter Newman O's (right). I had a nibble of each, as I was feeling my Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich a little more at that particular moment...

Newman's Organics is distinct from Newman's Own, as Sally told me: "Newman's Own Organics started in 1993 as a divisionof Newman's Own. It was co-founded by Nell Newman and her business partner, Peter Meehan. In 2000 it became a separate co., but people still understandably mix up the two."

I honestly really enjoyed all three varieties that we tried! A little too much, in fact. :) The best part is that there are no scary things like trans fats in these products, because they are organic and have a much shorter ingredient list than most other crapImeansnacks.

Phew! You'd think I'd never eat again after wallowing in so much deliciousness, but we all know that's not true. Get ready for my weekend recaps, including the NYC blogger meet-up! - holy explosions of yum!

I also want to thank my mom's friend for linking to Soap & Chocolate on her new wellness website, Marianne's Place. It's an honor and I only hope I'm not too irreverent for her audience!

Lastly, don't forget that I'm giving away a $20 gift certificate to Mix My Granola! Be sure to leave your comment here to secure your entry.

Off like a herd of turtles!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so jealous of your goods!!!!!!!!! The yoga studio I go to serves newman's version of oreos and they are so good! Can't wait to here more reviews.

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Seriously?!? Wow my friend. You totally scored. Enjoy all the yumminess that is Newman's Organics. I love the Mint O's so much, and I'm dying to try the Hermits!

Siggy's sounds awesome. Once again, very jealous of the NYC eateries. Lucky dog!

Missy said...

It was great meeting you last night!! Hell yeah for Newman's Own!! They are sooo generouos!! I am eating their chocolate as we speak!!

Amelia (AC/DC: Highways to Health) said...

Great to meet you last night!

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

oh...I'm soooo jealous of those goodies that you received!!! Looking forward to read reviews of them.

Erica said...

What great goodies! I cannot wait to hear which are your favs. Yayy for hermits- they are so good

Lane said...

Man, I should have come to visit you this weekend - looks like you could use some help with all those cookies!

Dori said...

GREAT freebies! My boyfriend is addicted to those Vanilla Almond Clif builders bars -- he eats 2 for breakfast every day! Enjoy!

Sarah w. said...

hey can you email me the newmans own email? I tried contacting them the other day, but something wouldn't work and I couldn't get through. :) thanks in advance - I am in love with your blog - I just discovered it!!

webster DOT sarahann AT gmail DOT com

Jenn (eating bender) said...

SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY?! Haha, that Newman's Own package is absolutely insane! Super jealous :o) I love the Clif pack, too - WCMN!! What a dream!!

I've totally had to be reminded to take a picture when I go out to eat before. The food is just too good not to want to dig in immediately, right?!

Anonymous said...

That's incredible!

Elina said...

Wow, those are some awesome freebies! I'm jealous ;)