March 9, 2009

Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Grey Poupon?

I loves me a good deal, especially in this economy, and I have a couple coupons banked, so I took advantage in order to make Monday supa-dupa easy on me in the food department. There were fajitas to be et yesterday, people. No time for meal prep.

This morning I did another round of dollar oats from Jamba Juice, opting for the banana topping this time. Even though Friday's blueberry-blackberry was mighty dessert-licious, I enjoyed this topping more, because it was just a half banana sliced into the cup along with the sprinkle of brown sugar. Simple and yummy, nothin' more than that.

I have yet to try the third topping option (apple-cinnamon) and I'm skeptical about its pie-filling-like potential, but I may need to give it a go since the offer's still valid through the end of the month and, well, I really should be an educated consumer anyway. :)

A couple hours later, I placed an order online with Energy Kitchen for lunch because they had emailed me a coupon for $2 off. Energy Kitchen is a franchise of super healthy and simple food like salads, wraps, burgers and breakfast options. I'm not sure there are any locations outside of New York City, but I like to order it in for lunch at my office every so often because you can place your order online and set your desired delivery time and everything. They also save your address/payment information for the next time you order. All the nutrition stats are online, but even so, you can pretty much customize your order to within an inch of its life. I imagine this place is very popular with the fitness crowd, as there's a heavy emphasis on protein and whole foods. Very little sauce or spice to be found - what you see (on the menu) is what you get, which has taught me to always ask for things like salt, pepper and mustard with my order.

Voila mon dejeuner:

Veggie Egg Breakfast Wrap: basically just 5 egg whites, steamed spinach and mushrooms in a honey whole wheat wrap for a very neat 275 calories or so. (There are other veggie options...tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, get to pick two.)

Admittedly desperate for some Grey Poupon:

Ah, tres bien. (Why the French today? Why NOT?)

The eats today have been seriously simple so far - hardly any added sugars or funky stuff - and I have to say I am feeling really satisfied at the moment, like the kind of satisfaction that doesn't wear off after an hour (which I know because it has been an hour since I ate). Hail the value of getting back to basics!

In the mood for extra tastiness? Missy is hosting an Erin Baker's giveaway! You do not want to miss out on this.


Missy said...

Thanks for the shout out! MMM Energy Kitchen!! Those wraps are to die for!!

Dori said...

I love Energy Kitchen, but when we order online and choose our time, they ignore it and come right away!